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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wedding Designs at Zazzle

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WhiteOak's Photography Wedding Designs

Wedding Designs at Zazzle

t is a little strange how all of this came about for me. The other day I was shooting some photography of a white rose and a cream colored rose. When I uploaded the pictures they all had a "Wedding Theme" look to them. So I decided to start a Wedding Items category at my
WhiteOak's Photography Zazzle Gallery.

So far I have only listed two different sets of items such as Wedding Invitations, Matching Envelopes, postage, stickers, R.S.V.P. cards and a few other items. I honestly believe that most women planning a wedding works with a tight budget, and ordering the "Full Package" at zazzle would be cheaper than having everything professionally printed.

The photo in this module is on a set of invitations called "The Sacred Union". I am going to try and list out several products I have done so far. Basically this page will remain a work in process. I will also be updating The Halloween Bride Wedding Planning Guide before Halloween arrives. I have several new ideas in mind for The Halloween Bride!!


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