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Women Talking about Change-The Lips

The Lips

The first two things I notice on a person when I see them, are the eyes and the lips.  Lips are one of the most sensual things about people and it is also one thing I believe needs to be enhanced as much as possible to highlight them.  This article is about a few tips and suggestions about how to refine your lips and have them be as sensual as possible.

One thing I have heard over and over again is many women do not like that their lips. They are either too thin, or too thick.  With a little lip liner and some lip gloss or lip stick, that can change in a heart beat.   First thing I am going to share is how this all started for me.  

Many years ago, I went into a store at the mall that sells an executive line of makeup.  I asked the sales person if she could explain to me how to line my lips.  I swear she looked at me as if I was an alien.  She replied by saying, "What?"  I repeated the question and she said, "Well I have never had anyone come in and ask me anything like that before!"  She continued by saying, "Women take a lip pencil and outline their lips!" I told her, well I know that much but can you explain other tips to me.. long story short, I left the store, stopped by a drugstore and purchased a cheap lip liner, went home and practiced outlining my lips.  This is not joke, I did this  until lips were so sore I couldn't stand it. I was determined I would teach myself and I did.  I just wanted to throw this in here:  I have been messing with makeup since I was kid, I had older adults asking me to teach them things.  Odd, I know but I am the one that my mother to wear makeup many, many moons ago.

When your lips are too thin

First thing first, you will need a lip-liner pencil-long wearing if possible.  When I wore lipstick I always wore dark colors so my lip pencils were always dark (I used Vixen and dark chocolate). Plus I wrote an article for a Goth magazine called "Sensual Lips" and I talked about all dark color lip products.  I mean it would not have been nice to write about products that I did not personally use, right? I purchased Revlon Long Wear pencils and lip sticks-because I am NOT the type of person to carry around lipstick and reapply it every two minutes. If you do not like dark colors, but like more of a nude effect, purchase a shade darker than nude and use clear lip gloss or a nude lip stick.

Making thin lips fuller is one of my favorite things to talk about.  In the picture above, you will notice that I have outlined the lip a tiny bit outside the natural lip line. Place your pinky finger on your chin to steady your hand.  At point number (1) above make a V shape in the center of your upper lip and at point (2) make a wide U shape at the center of the bottom lip.  This becomes your outline.  Lightly stroke the pencil from point (1) to point (3) and continue all around the lip.   Wait for a few minutes and use a light or clear gloss and fill in the lips.   

**A small tip-if you place translucent powder over your lips first, it helps the products to stay on longer.**

When your lips are too thick

You will follow the directions above, except instead of out lining your lips on the outside of your natural lip line, you would out line right inside the lip line.

The main objective here is to highlight your lips so they stand out.  I have never been the type of person to wear a bucket of makeup.  I actually use makeup in general to highlight natural features and/or to fix natural imperfections.  Which leads me to tomorrows topic which will be using concealer.  Goodness, it took me forever to figure this one out, but I have been using the method I am going to be talking about for over a year now with pretty good results. 

If anyone has any suggestions that may help someone else (or even me) please be kind and share.  Okay, tomorrow I will be writing something about Using Concealer!!

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  1. Great read, and I am always hearing females say they have a hard time finding the right shade all the time. I say any shade is good as long as it doesn't make your teeth look yellow :)


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