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Women Talking about Change-The Eyebrows

It's all about Women talking about change!! Yes, we are getting older, yes things change or have to change with our Makeup, clothing, hair care, nail products and suggestions.

Often we look into the mirror and gasp because OMG we have gray hair in our brows?  Our makeup is just not highlight our features anymore so we have to change it.  Oh, the changes women go through when we get older, or should I say when we hit Motherhood or the Crone stage of life.  

Help my eyebrows are disappearing !

Let me tell you how all of this came about.  My friend and I was walking the other day, and I asked her something about my eyebrows.  Okay I know, "what are you talking about?" Recently, I have been seeing a few gray hairs in my eyebrows, along with noticing they are beginning to thin.  I have never in my 54 years of life have touched my eyebrows.  They did not need to be bothered with so why mess with them, right? 

Well this whole thought process brought up an experience I went through many, many years ago (which I am planning on writing about, the lips!). I went into a store and asked the sales lady about lip pencils and she looked at me like I was alien from a different planet.  Anyway, so when I was talking to my friend about my eyebrows it got me thinking, surely I am not the only woman in the world that does not know how to fix these problems.   I'm not right?

As I was looking into the mirror and noticed the gray hair, I thought okay I will just pluck them out.  What is that old wise tale-"for every gray hair you pull out three will grow in its place" guess what that is what happened to me!  Okay, so I plucked them out- they are gone but now there were gaps or hairless patches *laughs* they are small but I notice them.  Then I noticed my eyebrows were getting thinned on the back edges, what fixes this?  My friend suggested an eyebrow pencil.  So okay easy enough I will buy one-but guess what, I have never used one before so now what!

Have you ever noticed how many different kinds of eyebrow pencils there are?  Tons!!  I ended up purchasing a pencil by Maybelline in dark brown and it has a small brush on the end. I am sorry but the one thing I do not want is to look like my eyebrows drawn on my face like thin lines-I want some kind of texture. 

I tried working with this pencil yesterday for the first time, and I think I have the hang of it.  Well, I hope so anyway I am going out in public for the first time with this new found project drawn on my face.  If they point and laugh I suppose I will know I messed up.  My husband did not say anything, surely if it looked funny he would have mentioned it.  Right?  Unless, he is messing with me... nope no room for paranoia here!! 

Here is what I did, I got the color pencil that was similar to my own eyebrows which is very dark brown (almost black). I lightly stoked the pencil over the thin area and used the brush to soothe it I guess. I had to do it several times until I got the right coloring.  So a tip from someone that is new to this, use the pencil sparingly and lightly until you get the color you want.  I just followed my eyebrow line until I thought it looked balanced to the other side (which by the way, grows gray hair but has not started to thin yet??)

If anyone has any suggestions that may help someone else (or even me) please be kind and share.  Okay, tomorrow I will be writing something about the lips.  

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  1. Im so happy to see this blog, it covers a lot of things I want to read about lol.

    1. Thank you-I am so happy you are here :0) Yep, I thought adding a blog and a facebook page would be good for this topic.

    2. Excellent idea, I can't wait to see what other make up, hair care and skin care topics you cover. My favorite subject of them lol..

    3. It is one of my favorite topics also *smiles*


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