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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Color White

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Purity of White

The Color White

ust for fun, you should do a Google Search to see if Black and White is considered colors. A lot of folks say they are not, and a lot of folks say they are. They say black is the positive of all colors and white is the absence of all color. Black is the absence of light, color does not exist without light, white is a balance of color in light. So basically they are shades or tones. A bit confusing I know, but to me personally, I consider them colors. But really this page is not about that, I wanted to write about the purity of white.

White has never been a color I have been drawn too. Before doing my photography, when I looked at white flowers all I could see was the dingy brown color they turn. Since I am somewhat tom-boyish for me to wear white clothes is a nightmare. That was proven again over the weekend in North Carolina; I had a hair brain idea to wear white shorts which did not remain white for very long while doing some photography at the botanical gardens.


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