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"Life is filled with magick, if we allow our eyes to see it"

Friday, July 3, 2015

When Love turns to Pity

I am not even sure love is the right word used here.. perhaps it should be more "Mind Games turns to Pity". Yeah, I like that a lot better.  I have written many different things about how people on the net pretend to be one thing and they turn out to be something else.  Afterwards, you look at the situation and you think, holy shit how could I have been that stupid!

The truth of the  matter ladies is: There are a lot of men (and women) that become these experts in Fu*king with people's mind because they do not have the guts to see the real the person they are (I wonder why).  They create this person in their mind they think they are and the whole person becomes this fictitious monster who preys on people's minds and hearts-very similar to a psychic vampire.  They make you believe all of this shit and as your are falling for them, they are sucking your energy dry!

Once you figure out what in the hell is going on, you look at the whole false relationship and all you can feel is pity for that person... and if they are married you feel sorry for their wife being so damn stupid thinking their husband is being faithful to them and all along the husband is a monster screwing around with many different people's hearts and mind. But here is the kicker, the wife stays in the relationship anyway because she believes in his bullshit lies-Poor stupid bitch!

The games people play... they lie, they lie some more and everything becomes this vicious ugly cycle.  All of the emotions becomes this pity that develops deep within that makes you wonder how could I have ever felt anything towards that person.  It makes you want to bathe in a smudge pot to cleanse your energy for ever allowing such a beast to come close to you.

RESEARCH the person who you think you may have feelings for especially if you meet them online.  I MEAN truly research the person.  Everything may appear to be fine until you receive a note from a wife you KNEW nothing about-but then more lies are told to you until you find out additional shit from other people he had done the same thing too. Actually several other people!  Just thinking of this person today makes my skin crawl... Ladies beware of a monster who claims to be one thing.. he is truly something completely different. 

All I can say is... Thank the Goddess and Divine for Karma.  What comes around goes around!! Always and Forever!