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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shirley Temple Movies

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Shirley Temple Movies

Shirley Temple Black

f I EVER had to talk about someone who felt like a hero to me as a child, it would have to be Ms. Shirley Temple. Her movies always took me away and drew me into hers. It did not matter what she was experiencing, I experienced it with her. The most important thing was I was able to spend the time with her. I was glued to the television!!

As strange as it sounds, when I was younger I use to have the blonde curls and big brown eyes just like Shirley Temple. People would always tell my mother that I looked just like her. Too bad, there are no pictures of me when I was a child or else I would post one.

Anyway, lets talk about Shirley Temple movies, what is your favorite one? I honestly could not choose because for me they are all my favorite!


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