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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We are who we are....

We ARE who we are!

I have not done a blog post in a long time. I have created a YouTube channel, I have opened a little store off line, I am back to making my skin care products (this time a lot different than before) and so many other things.  It seems like I am trying to make excuses why I haven't written anything lately, but truly that is not the case at all.  I have been very busy doing a ton of things  and I have a Sh*t load of stuff on my mind.  However, this morning when I got up, for some reason I was lead to do a blog post, and yes, I will be doing a YouTube video on this as well.. but let's get started on this post!!

Everyone that reads my blogs, or watches my YouTube videos are pretty much aware that when I was on a site called Squidoo (now closed *sad face* ) I wrote a lot about the Goth subculture, helped to promote small  Goth businesses and shared my views, thoughts, and love for the Gothic subculture!  Here is what brought me to writing this article.... over the weekend, I had someone come into my shop and yes, they were a little on the Goth side BUT with a twist!! As I was talking with them, and they were looking at me with these non-emotional eyes and (*laughs*) the energy was well ... different-I felt I needed to get this off of my chest (so to speak)!

So okay, let's start with that...what Goth's ARE NOT! Well, here are my views.. FIRST and foremost, you DO NOT get up one morning and decide you are going to be Goth. It is NOT an outfit you wear, or the color of your hair, skin, or your clothes.. it is a way of life. It is a part of you, not a separate entity.  Goth is NOT pretend, or a fantasy world adventure.. it is a life, a community of people who love things outside the box of the majority of the other people.  And most important they are an extension (my opinion only) of the Victorian Era. So, yes, I believe each of us are born the way we are!

Goth's see beauty where often others wouldn't.  There is a pull or a draw to more individuality, creativity, living decor, and yes style.  Goth love what many consider to be cold, gross, scary, and aloof.  Not all Goths are satanist, not all goths are vampires (real vamps not tv/movie drain your blood version) AND not all Goths are manic depressants who live to comment suicide. 

Most Goth's (in my opinion only) do follow a pagan path that is made of MANY different beliefs.  Yes, you will see a lot of Goth's that wear black, blood red, dark purple and other darker tone clothing... Yes, you will see a lot of Goth's homes decorated with a lot of black, unique Victorian style bedding, pillows, bats, skulls, ravens, and sometimes coffins! (the list is endless) Does that make the Goth subculture EVIL?  F*ck no it doesn't! Holy Shit batman... is a person evil because they are not afraid to express their own individuality? See life their way? Isn't that our birthright? 

To the best of my knowledge, I do not believe each and every human needs to see life the same way.  We are all different, WE ARE WHO WE ARE!! Does that give haters a right to beat-up, bully, and yes folks even KILL people who do not fit in a square box that is closed off to the rest of the world? And flipping this whole thing around.. some Goths believe if you are certain age you are not considered Goth-because you are way too old! Or, if your hair is not black, if you are not this or that, that means you are NOT Goth. (Again, Bullshit).

I do not find it necessary in life to wear a label of who or what I am. What I love, don't love, how I decorate my home. People know who and what I am its all over my home, and myself. I do not hide it, or try to cover it.. See the person from my store this past weekend, did a reverse judgement on me.. but what they don't realize is, that little episode will never make me change who I am.

On YouTube, I have a friend who supports this organization called Goths For Sophie.  This beautiful girl named Sophie lost her life (beaten to death) and her boyfriend was hospitalized  just because they were expressing their own individuality and were Goth. This organizations main focus is to help create respect and understanding of subcultures in the communities.  There are Others on YouTube who created a hashtag #createnothate. All of this is done to help ease down all of the damn hate in the World!

See, I am not saying anything different in this post, that isn't already written out there over and over again. But I also feel and I know many others do... each and everyone of us will continue to write post like this, create videos with hashtags that are against hate.. in hopes that one day.. people understand is okay to be WHO WE ARE!!