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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Emotional Power Within

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Emotional Power Within

We are Goddesses

Finding Our Place of Power-What in the world does this mean? First I am not sure if "Power" can be described in the sense I am speaking about. The experiences you go through can explain "Power" because it is the things you go through that makes you create the inner power you have.

When you find your place of power it is the same as finding the inner God/Goddess part of yourself. It is reaching that part of you and being able to handle situations and experiences that you have gone through and coming out of those experiences with an understanding of what the experience meant. To me: the journey of you finding your place of power lies within the strength you used during your experiences and the understanding of the lessons you were taught.

We gain power by going through unexpected struggles, loss, betrayal, disappointments; things that make our reality spin out of control. The process we go through handling these situations is how we reach our place of power because we learn how to recapture our inner balance.


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