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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feng Shui for the Kitchen

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Feng Shui for the Kitchen

Using Feng Shui in the Kitchen

As I have mentioned on several of my lenses, my kitchen is the "Heart of my Home". I have learned that the kitchen is the heart of many homes, which I only find to be amazing. I really wanted to write this lens to share more ideas from Skye Alexander's book which I will highlight in this lens again, but I wanted to share a few of my own ideas as well.

Since I have been keeping house (which has been many years) the one place in my home that always seems too remain balanced with good energy is the flow of the energy in my kitchen. I love kitchen gadgets and I am a pack rat (did I just say that?)! But somehow, some way I always keep my kitchen flowing with a warm gentle energy.

One of many things I do is hang a lot of wind chimes throughout my home, especially in the kitchen. And I love dragonflies so I have them fluttering throughout my kitchen as well. But before I get into too much here let me just say that doing Feng Shui is easy, does not have to be expensive and helps with the health, prosperity, and wealth in your home especially the kitchen. To begin, start with one thing at a time.


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