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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trance Channeling Spirits

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Trance Channeling Spirits

Channeling Universal Light Beings

As I am writing this lens on Trance Channeling, I will be learning as well. So to begin what in the world is Trance Channeling?

According to the Spirit Wiki:

Trance channeling is a form of channeling where the Resident Consciousness of an individual moves out of the way in order to allow another consciousness temporary access all, or a part of, the physical body for the purpose of communicating with individuals incarnated in the 3D world. Trace channeling is typically used to bring a message or messages through the veil and into this physical world. To read the full description Click Here

In simple terms: Channeling is basically defined as the process of receiving and relaying information from another entity while in an altered state of consciousness. The person who is the channel will go into an altered mental state to get in synch with a compatible vibration level of an entity to be channeled. Most of the time these entities are higher dimensional light beings, but the list is long and individualized as to who the entities could be.


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