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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dragonflies Love Fairy Gardens

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Fairies can be Dragonfly's too!

Dragonflys love Fairy Gardens

One of the most magical things for me is to watch a dragonfly. I will often sit quietly and just stare at it. When they are around, I am filled with the same feeling as I get when I am watching a butterfly. The way they move and glide through the air reminds me of how a Fairy would flutter around a flower garden.

I love to challenge myself with new art projects. Imagination is such a wonderful tool we are given! As I was making one of my little Inspirational Fairies, I wondered what if I could make one that has a body like a dragonfly. After many attempts, I did it! I have only made two of them, one was adopted and the other lives in Colorado waiting to be adopted. Her name is Happy, because whenever I looked at her little face, it just made me feel like a child (Her picture is below).

This lens has done a complete turn around from the time I first created it. And as time goes on, I am sure it is will change again. So what are your thoughts, do you believe Fairies can be Dragonflies too?


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