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Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Trees

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Our Trees

A tree begins with one leaf!

All of my life, trees have been much more than a huge plant. I have always had a sacred bond with them. I felt the safest when I was a child and climbed up in the trees. I always felt like I could hide from the world below. In my young mind I always felt like trees were my protectors. Fifty Two years later, I feel the same way!

When I took this picture earlier in the spring, I was amazed how one tiny acorn could turn into a huge Oak Tree one day. That is why I call this picture "A tree begins with one leaf"; just as in life a journey begins with one step.

According to Jamie Sams, author of The Sacred Path Cards, she explains that according to the Cherokee they teach that the "Standing People" (Trees) and all others of the plant kingdom are the givers who constantly provide for the needs of others.


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