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"Life is filled with magick, if we allow our eyes to see it"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some pages I have written about Makeup!

One things I have always loved is makeup. I have been interested in it since very early childhood.  I believe I have always viewed makeup as something artistic because in a way applying makeup is just that, a piece of art you are applying on yourself.

I have written several pages talking about makeup and wanted to share those links.  One article I wrote is called:  How to Apply Makeup to Enhance your Features and another is: How to Line Your Lips  I wrote both of these articles at a community called eHow and wrote them back in 2009.  At that time I was very impressed with another makeup and used that as my base for the article How to Apply Makeup to Enchance your Features.

Than one day I was thinking about addiction and obsessions people may have with certain items and wrote a page called:  Makeup Addiction or Obsession although I do write about some other things in the page that I love, like writing pens and paper!!  I first see a person, the first two things I notice is:  their eyes and their lips!  I LOVE lip plumper's and although I do not wear lipstick  that much these days, I could never be without my lip gloss or lip plumper's, which lead me to write Lip Plumper's

In November I became 100% addicted to using Laura Geller's Makeup.  It's my sister-in-law's fault!  (gotta blame somebody right?) She spoke very highly of Laura's makeup and has been using it for a while now.  That lead me to write Laura Geller Makeup  but to take it a step further, I wanted to write about the separate products that I personally use, so I wrote Laura Geller Balance and Brighten  .  This page goes into more details about a product called Balance and Brighten, Bronze-n-Brighten and also Spackle Face Primer.  

As always, if you decide to drop by any of these links, it is always greatly appreciated.  On most of the pages there is a guestbook if you feel like leaving a message, or just stop by and take a look around.  So until next time,

Happy Makeup'ing Everyone!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Photography Related Hubpages


Recently, I have been writing a lot about photography at a place called Hubpages.  I have been with that community for a couple of years but have not done a lot on it.  I figured since I was becoming so involved with my photography and have set some pretty high goals for myself for 2011, why not share things I have learned along the way.

I believe it was last year I wrote a page called The Love of Photography I just talk a little about how much I love photography and show a few pictures from my less experienced days.  Although, today I still consider myself an amateur photographer, I have learned a lot.  I look back on my older photo's and can see now why so many have been rejected from 123RF a stock photography site.  

Even though I am trying to view Rejection from a different perspective, it still lead me to write a page called:  Moving on from Rejection  I went through this long process of applying at this other stock photography place and submitted ten of my (best) photos and after waiting for days, I received an email stating every picture was rejected.  They did not accept one of my photos!  Then I remembered that I had signed up with 123RF almost two ago and never submitted anything to them after they rejected all but four of my photos.  Like a doctors visit I wanted a second opinion about the photography this other stock photography site rejected, so I resubmitted those pictures to 123RF and some were accepted.  Okay, this is a start right?

I am almost too embarrassed to tell you the rejections compared to the acceptance of my photography to this point, BUT I have learned a lot about improving my photography by learning from my mistakes!  I took some of the fantastic tips I have learned and wrote a page called:  Photography Tips for Amateur's  Since I have been applying the things I have learned to my photography, I am getting more acceptance instead of rejections.  Don't get me wrong, I still have rejections BUT even I can tell why the pictures were rejected.  I have questioned three rejections and waiting to hear back from them as to why these pictures were rejected.

I have also started writing more about photography on Squidoo.  I recently was invited to join Professional Squids on Rockmoms and our first project was to write a niche related page, so I wrote:  Pictures of Tropical Flowers   With as many floral pictures as I take, I should be able to follow through on this niche.  

So that is the scoop with what I have been doing lately.  If you love doing photography, look into 123RF- If any of your photos are rejected learn from it and you will be amazed how much you can tell the difference in your work. Another cool thing is to open up a separate Zazzle Gallery to separate your photography from your artwork.  I recently did that at WhiteOak's Photography

Until Next time,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Animal Totems

I write about this topic often. Everyone of us have several different "Animal Totems" throughout our life. Often the concept of your Animal Totems is not understood but seen in a different way, which is okay.  Everyone of us absorbs information the way we need to so we can understand it. I wanted to share a few of my own thoughts and a few of my links to pages I have written about this topic.  

First, what is an Animal Totem?  An animal totem is the spiritual aspect of an animal that teaches and guides us through certain situations in our life.  They work with us on a high spiritual level to help us co-exist and get through a lot of real-life situations and ordeals.  My knowledge about Animal Totems has came from Elders, my own Animal Totems by visions and deep meditation (also known as Shamanic Journey's) and also a few books.  

Throughout our lives, different animals will appear to help us through different situations.  Each animal carries a certain "Spiritual Animal Medicine" such as Deer teaches us to be kinder, rabbit teaches us to listen closely, hummingbird's remind us to be joyful-These are only a few examples.  I plan on writing a lot more pages focusing on each animal, it will take a lot of time, but it will be worth it.

Here are some pages I have written so far.  Please take a look and if you would like leave a message in the guestbook it would be greatly appreciated.  Never be afraid to ask questions, because someone will always try to answer it.

                                                                       Spirit Wolf Totem

Spirit Hawk Totem

Spirit Horse Totem

      Animal Medicine Tales

   Animal Spirit Totems


I am in the process of writing a page now about Butterfly and Dragonfly Totems.  So I will list that link shortly.  

Thanks for stopping by,