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My Favorite Saying...

"Life is filled with magick, if we allow our eyes to see it"


Here is some of my newest photography, taken yesterday (Oct 17, 2012) at the Georgia Botanical Gardens.  I have to admit that going to the botanical gardens means a lot to me for many reasons, not only do I find the beauty in the seasons as they change, but I also find a very unique peace and silence there.  Often when you are walking through the gardens, the only music you will hear are the sounds of nature.  It is a perfect time to just "Be" in the moment, admiring all of the sacred gifts that the Earth gives to us each moment of everyday. Walking through the gardens allows you to be with you.  It is a time to rid yourself of all of the pains, hurts, disappointments and chaos that can often cling to you. 

Do I have one certain thing that I like to photograph while I am at the gardens? Actually, I love to photograph everything, because everything has some kind of beauty that is often passed by.  I have found that each Botanical Garden I have visited, there is always an overwhelming abundance of beauty and peace.  I have been to the Georgia Botanical Gardens, Asheville Botanical Gardens and Michigan's Botanical Gardens.  I have found something very special in each place, and I plan on visiting each of them as many times as I possibly can. 

This is really an interesting shot.  I was walking along this trail that lead to an overlook and there was this big stone vase and this face was on the side of it.  I sat down and took several pictures just focusing on the face.  When I uploaded it, I took it into a computer program and added a few different special effects to it.  I wanted to give it a taunting, haunting feeling with a touch of a Gothic Theme.

To be honest I am not sure if these roses are Victorian or not, what I do know is I have a couple of Victorian pictures hanging on my walls and they look just like these flowers.  They remind me of Victorian flowers, that is why I named them what I did.

The Dahlia flower is sort of new to me.  This is the first year that I actually grew any and when I seen this one  I fell in love with the colors.  It also reminds me of a Victorian Flower Garden. 

Honestly, is there anything more beautiful than the colors of Autumn Leaves? Here in Georgia the beautiful leaves do not last long.  It usually goes from warm to cold here with warm weather being the longest.  If you travel to North Georgia, you will see the colors last a little longer.

I am not sure if the spots on this flower are suppose to be there or not.  What I do know is the spots give this Echinacea Flower a lot of character and uniqueness.  Echinacea also known as Coneflowers are some of the most beautiful medicinal flowers there are. 

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  1. The Echinacea seems to have cute little freckles. These are all great shots, and I love what you did with "Day Dreamer" the added effects Im sure gave him the intensity and meaningful look he seems to have.. :)

    1. As always Dawn, I appreciate your comments so much. They truly mean a lot to me.

  2. I kin your love of the Botanical Gardens Eva ... and your love of photography! To bring back beautiful and interesting experiences and their images in the mind and the camera is the ultimate way to remember them~

    1. It seems like every time I go out to shoot photography something else becomes known to me and I learn yet more things. Not about just my camera but with the essence of how natures energy shoots out to me. As always, thank you for visiting and commenting, I greatly appreciate it.


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