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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We are who we are....

We ARE who we are!

I have not done a blog post in a long time. I have created a YouTube channel, I have opened a little store off line, I am back to making my skin care products (this time a lot different than before) and so many other things.  It seems like I am trying to make excuses why I haven't written anything lately, but truly that is not the case at all.  I have been very busy doing a ton of things  and I have a Sh*t load of stuff on my mind.  However, this morning when I got up, for some reason I was lead to do a blog post, and yes, I will be doing a YouTube video on this as well.. but let's get started on this post!!

Everyone that reads my blogs, or watches my YouTube videos are pretty much aware that when I was on a site called Squidoo (now closed *sad face* ) I wrote a lot about the Goth subculture, helped to promote small  Goth businesses and shared my views, thoughts, and love for the Gothic subculture!  Here is what brought me to writing this article.... over the weekend, I had someone come into my shop and yes, they were a little on the Goth side BUT with a twist!! As I was talking with them, and they were looking at me with these non-emotional eyes and (*laughs*) the energy was well ... different-I felt I needed to get this off of my chest (so to speak)!

So okay, let's start with that...what Goth's ARE NOT! Well, here are my views.. FIRST and foremost, you DO NOT get up one morning and decide you are going to be Goth. It is NOT an outfit you wear, or the color of your hair, skin, or your clothes.. it is a way of life. It is a part of you, not a separate entity.  Goth is NOT pretend, or a fantasy world adventure.. it is a life, a community of people who love things outside the box of the majority of the other people.  And most important they are an extension (my opinion only) of the Victorian Era. So, yes, I believe each of us are born the way we are!

Goth's see beauty where often others wouldn't.  There is a pull or a draw to more individuality, creativity, living decor, and yes style.  Goth love what many consider to be cold, gross, scary, and aloof.  Not all Goths are satanist, not all goths are vampires (real vamps not tv/movie drain your blood version) AND not all Goths are manic depressants who live to comment suicide. 

Most Goth's (in my opinion only) do follow a pagan path that is made of MANY different beliefs.  Yes, you will see a lot of Goth's that wear black, blood red, dark purple and other darker tone clothing... Yes, you will see a lot of Goth's homes decorated with a lot of black, unique Victorian style bedding, pillows, bats, skulls, ravens, and sometimes coffins! (the list is endless) Does that make the Goth subculture EVIL?  F*ck no it doesn't! Holy Shit batman... is a person evil because they are not afraid to express their own individuality? See life their way? Isn't that our birthright? 

To the best of my knowledge, I do not believe each and every human needs to see life the same way.  We are all different, WE ARE WHO WE ARE!! Does that give haters a right to beat-up, bully, and yes folks even KILL people who do not fit in a square box that is closed off to the rest of the world? And flipping this whole thing around.. some Goths believe if you are certain age you are not considered Goth-because you are way too old! Or, if your hair is not black, if you are not this or that, that means you are NOT Goth. (Again, Bullshit).

I do not find it necessary in life to wear a label of who or what I am. What I love, don't love, how I decorate my home. People know who and what I am its all over my home, and myself. I do not hide it, or try to cover it.. See the person from my store this past weekend, did a reverse judgement on me.. but what they don't realize is, that little episode will never make me change who I am.

On YouTube, I have a friend who supports this organization called Goths For Sophie.  This beautiful girl named Sophie lost her life (beaten to death) and her boyfriend was hospitalized  just because they were expressing their own individuality and were Goth. This organizations main focus is to help create respect and understanding of subcultures in the communities.  There are Others on YouTube who created a hashtag #createnothate. All of this is done to help ease down all of the damn hate in the World!

See, I am not saying anything different in this post, that isn't already written out there over and over again. But I also feel and I know many others do... each and everyone of us will continue to write post like this, create videos with hashtags that are against hate.. in hopes that one day.. people understand is okay to be WHO WE ARE!!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Do you have problems sleeping?

What keeps me up at Night? I have a mind that will not stop thinking. It seems like most of the nights the hardest thing for me to do is settle my mind to a quite state so I can get to sleep.  ZzzQuil truly helps to relax me in a way that is natural.   It is an Non-Habit forming sleep aid, so I do not need to worry about getting hooked on it.  One of the things I love the most is the fact it gently puts me to sleep almost naturally and I DO NOT get up the next morning feeling like I have a hang-over!

I have taken ZzzQuil for a while now and honestly can say I really like the product.  It does not make you space out or feel like you are drunk.. instead it is just calmly makes you fall asleep in a way that seems natural.  It is hard to explain really.  Regardless, this is a product that I would suggest researching and trying if you have a hard time getting to sleep in the evening.  I usually take the liquid form but found the LiquiCaps are easier to carry with you when traveling.

I believe enough in this product that if you have a sleeping disorder, ZzzQuil is worth researching to see if it can work for you!!  If you would like more information about Influenster and perhaps become a member please click here!

Please Note:  I received this product sample complimentary for testing purposes.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Younique Moonstruck Eye Pencils

So, I wanted to do a review on Younique Moonstruck Precision Eye Pencils.  The pencils are waterproof, smudge-proof and long-wearing. Did they pass my test, yes they did.. short story:

I started wearing liner on my water-line when I was ten years old (I just turned 58 so I have been wearing liner on my waterline for 48 years!).  Back in the day, we use to use the old-time red pencils.. remember Maybelline eyebrow pencils? Anyway, we use to heat the tip and line our waterline and it would last for a very long time. (Please folks, today I would advise to NOT try this without an adult present!)

So having 48 years under my belt for using pencils on my waterline, I can honestly say I have tried a ton of them, some expensive, some cheap, some made for the waterline, some claiming they will last for a very long time. Of course, I have tried some pretty good ones, but I have NOT found the Holy Grail of waterline pencils.

Among some of my favorites is indeed Moonstruck Precision Eye Pencils.  They come in 10 beautiful colors and sell for $19.00 each. Younique has a special running this month (February 2016) if you spend $50.00 you get free shipping!!   The two I will keep in my collection is the white pencil (called Pristine) and, of course, the black (called Perfect)

From my own experience, both are waterproof.. they work great on the waterline and it does not take a lot of product to achieve the color you want therefore the product will last you a while. The pencil truly glides on soft so that means no tugging on your gentle eye area.

I use the white pencil in the corner of my eyes to highlight them. I use the black pencil for my waterline and also on my top waterline which I believe they call tight-lining.  Truly, these are great pencils.. you will not be sorry you get them.  IF by chance you are not completely 100% satisfied with the products, you can return them within 14 days.  So actually, it is a win-win purchase.

QC Makeup Academy

Thursday, February 11, 2016

LASplash Lipstick

Okay, here it is, if I could freaking marry a lipstick I would marry LASplash Lipstick! Yes, I know damn that sounds crazy but I am actually in love with the lipstick I just purchased from them. So here is the scoop....

Since I am taking a Makeup Artist course all I seem to do (when I have the time) is study my course, watch a freaking ton of makeup tutorials and play with my makeup!  I have been drawing out some of my own makeup designs (all will be revealed soon) and in one of the designs, I needed a black lipstick. ALL OF YOU know that I am picky as hell with my lipstick and the most important thing is when I put it on, I want it to stay the hell on!!

I was watching this one video and the chick was going on and on and on about black lipstick comparisons. One of the companies she mentioned was LASplash! So I did my regular Google search and found their site!  Well, as I was looking around I see this one shade called 'Vampire'.  Yes, it is a shade I have been searching for forever it seems.  Kat Von D has one but it is always sold out (and I love her lip stains btw but not as much as this brand) SO when I found LASplash sold a color very similar to Kat Von D's color I ordered it!  But I did not stop there.. No.... I found another color I loved (which I will write a review about later) so I got it.  I never got the black lipstick because I forgot all about it when I found 'Vampire color'.

So, LASplash Lip Couture waterproof Lipstick comes in a tube with a flat double sided sponge applicator.  IT WORKS PERFECT BTW! I am not sure of the amount of the tube but I know it will last a while.  The tube cost $14.00 and it is made in the U.S.A.  One thing that impressed me if you ever look at sanitation.. the lipstick comes in a box and the tube inside is seal... so there is no tampering with this product.

It took one application to get the shade I have on in this picture.  I used a black waterproof liner because the two colors just look great together to me! With the applicator being flat, it makes it super easy to apply and also to line your lips if you so choose. I was going to count how many seconds it takes to dry.. (yes, I said seconds) but I forgot... I do know it was very few ; when I blotted my lips it was dry!  This lipstick is not going anywhere. The Vampire color is a very deep blood red...omg  it is beautiful!!

So,  on a scale 1 to 10,  I would give this lipstick a freaking 100!! It feels great on your lips, it has not budged since I have had it on, it is not hard and heavy... and the only other thing I can say is YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS STUFF!! Here is their link if you want to visit their site: 

QC Makeup Academy

Love for Makeup

Okay, I wanted to do a fast post, I am calling this Love for Makeup because I am a full blown 100% Makeup Junkie especially now since I am taking a makeup artist course.

I wanted to write real fast about several items I am going to do a write-up review on: 

-Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara
-Ipsy February Package (Which I love by the way)
-LASplash Lip Couture and Studio-shine Lip Lustre  (I can already tell you that LASplash will see my business again! No doubt about that!!)

I have a few other things I will be writing about but I wanted these three to be the first.. Hopefully, I will get the reviews up by at least Friday Evening (Feb 12th). 

I am so excited about these items... honestly, I have entered a brand new world of makeup lately. Things I am learning, items I am trying and the different techniques I am personally using on myself.

I have been extremely busy this week with family issues including having a brand new beautiful niece "Ava" that was born Feb 8th (almost on my birthday just a few days past). Regardless... all is good and I will be able to catch up on my makeup stuff!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful day... Is everyone ready for Valentines Day this Sunday?

QC Makeup Academy

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Younique Moonstruck Pristine Pencil

I am going to be the first one to admit that there are a lot of terms out there that involve makeup that I am not aware of. My latest find is the term 'Cupids Bow'. I never knew what it was until very recently and now that I do, I wanted to share it with others who may not have ever heard of it. I am not the only person, right?

Cupids Bow is the middle section of your upper lip between the two mound areas... does that make sense to you?  Look at the middle part of your upper lip... great you found it!! Well, it takes very little to define this area and make your lips look even more sexier and defined.

As I was going to through my makeup earlier today, I found that I have three different white pencils from three different companies. Two I will not mention because out of the three Younique's Moonstruck Pristine pencil was the smoothest and softest. 

To define your lips take the pristine pencil and lightly right above the cupid's bow- line it.  Afterwards blend it just a tiny bit and add your regular lip liner and lip color.  Your lips will look more defined, slightly bigger and softer.

I did not stop there, though.. since today I felt like a light makeup day (with the rain and all, that is just how I felt) Anyway.. I used this ocean blue liner on my waterline and lined under my bottom lashes with the pristine pencil; along with the inner corners of my eyes.  I thought it looked pretty cool so I wanted to share that with you. Just in case, you may be wondering.. the color on my lips is: Younique's Stiff Upper Lip Stain in the Sultry color.

Do you use white liner pencils? What is your favorite way to use them? 

QC Makeup Academy

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Younique Lip Stain and Liner Review

Okay, so here is the thing... lately, I have been contacting a lot of different makeup companies wanting to test their products because I am building my makeup artist case.  A friend of mine was having an online bash for this company called Younique.  I have never heard of them before, but I went to their website and was reading about their products and it sounded pretty impressive.

 I contacted the Sales Rep that was holding my friends online makeup bash and told her what I was doing about collecting samples to try other companies products because I was building my makeup case. The rep told me she did not have any samples but the company had a good return policy and so forth. So I spent some time looking at their products and came up with a lip liner and lip stain I thought I would try.

I decided to hold an online bash too.. starting tomorrow (February 2nd.)  You are more than welcome to stop on by and take a look around.  If you are on Facebook click here: If you want to visit my Virtual Bash at Younique click here:  anyway today I got my order, tried it and wanted to share my thoughts. The photo is three different shots of the colors I am writing about!!

1. Moodstruck Precision Pencil:  I ordered the color "Posh" If you have read my other blog post you will notice I love dark lip liners and I am a huge freak about my lip products being smudge proof and water proof.  Well, the color of the pencil I choose is called "Posh".  To me it looks like a darker pink to a light plum color-almost a fuchsia color. For some reason when I choose this color I seen another photo with the Posh lip liner mixed with the Sultry lip stain and to me, it looked like a dark brick mixture. On my complexion, the Posh color leans more towards the plum family. In the second picture on my article photo, that is true light and shows the color it really is.

I loved the way the pencil glides on. There is no tugging, or pulling.. the liners actually glides across your lips very nice.  The liner also feels good on your lips.. it almost feels like you have nothing on them. The lip liner being waterproof is holding up fairly well.  I am not crazy about this color of liner, but I know ways to enhance it, to fit more to my it truly does go on very good and hey it lasted a very long time on me.. so yeah, this lip liner is truly waterproof, smudge proof!!!

2. Stiff Upper Lip - Lip Stain I ordered the color "Sultry" As I mentioned above.. the photo I seen online of the Posh liner mixed with the Sultry stain looked dark brick color to me. Neither are the color on me as the model. Sultry on me looks like a plum. So here are my thoughts on the product itself: The stain goes on your lips beautifully. It is soft, light feeling and it does stain your lips pretty good.  The more layers you apply, the darker you can make the color.  I personally applied two coats of the color on my lips.  I let the first layer dry for a couple of seconds before applying the second coat.

What I loved most about this lip stain is it DOES NOT dry out your lips. Once the stain dries, it leaves your lips soft and in no way do your lips feel sticky or dry. Now it is waterproof and smudge proof.. at least it was a little while for me.  It is not as waterproof as my other lip stains but I lick my lips a lot and drink a lot of water or whatever- so the stain has lasted on my lips for a few hours without fading.  I also believe every person is different when it comes to lip products.  I believe for everyday wear or special occasions like weddings, the colors of the stain and liners would be perfect.

QC Makeup Academy