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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Five Simple Chicken Recipes

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Chicken Recipes

Five simple chicken recipes

hate cooking more than anything during the summer time. The weather is hot and when you cook; the stove causes additional heat. Yuck! So what I have done is created a way to take care of a few problems with one handy trick. Bulk cooking my chicken!!

From my other lens, I am sure by now the message of me being pretty frugal is nothing new. I watch for sales very closely at our local grocery store. Here in the south we have a store called Ingles, and by me watching their sales, I pretty much have a grasp of the schedule they use for certain sale items such as chicken. I am SO particular about my chicken; I only eat boneless, skinless chicken breast that has not been fed hormones. Tyson is the brand I usually get and when it is on sale, I can spend ten dollars and get five meals from that batch of chicken.

So, what I am going to do is list five recipes we eat regularly and how I make cooking dinner fast and easy without adding additional heat to my home and most important the meals are pretty nutritional. The only sodium you will find in my meals is the hidden sodium in foods, but even that is monitored pretty closely.


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