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Friday, August 21, 2015

What kind of Dream is this?

Grant you I have had some different kind of dreams but holy cow, this one has thrown me for a loop.  I fully understand our dreams can only be interpreted ourselves - because we are the ones that know the true meanings, but this one has me fully stumped.

So with the understanding of knowing that, I would truly appreciate any insight, thoughts or suggestions you may have in helping me to understand what kind of things this dream could mean.  I wrote out the parts that I could remember... and they are pretty much in order in which they happened.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts!!


"Talking to back door neighbors and they asked how I got so many hummingbirds to come to me. As I was gathering their feeders a dozen or so of the hummingbirds came to me and got tangled up in my hair.

There was a white cat with white kittens. Some of the kittens were soft cute and fluffy and the others were mangled, deformed and dead.  The mother cat was laying down feeding the healthy cats and after a few minutes a dolphins head appeared.

The mother cat was either eating the dolphins tongue or cleaning it.  I was trying desperately to find the telephone number for the animal shelters but couldn't find it.  The mother cat started to stuff the mangled kittens into the dolphins mouth.

The back door neighbors had a little fuzzy dog running around and Sweetie was following it and stopped listening to me. When I called for her, she ignored me. I did not want her to get around the cats and dolphin head.

I was in this apartment building that use to be a college or high school and the rooms were being rented out to small businesses. One of my friends (do not know who she was) rented a room and started to fill it with supplies and sectioned off a space with a screen and table so she could do energy work on people. "