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Saturday, May 18, 2013

RedGage Experiment

RedGage Experiment

When you are trying to make an income online, it is very hard and often discouraging.  You are most likely on several different sites trying to figure out which ones are working and which ones are not.  One of the biggest problems doing this is you cannot give the proper attention to all of the sites that you need too.

Also, often you will be doing fantastic on a site and all of sudden a lot of changes are being made and because of the changes you drop and are thrown right back to the beginning.  I have had this happen on two different sites, which at one time I feel I was doing pretty good (financially speaking).

I have been with RedGage for 4 years now.  I have to admit in those 4 years I have come and gone.  I would pop in and get involve with the community than get side tracked on another project and leave RedGage behind.  One of the biggest things that surprised me by doing this is even if I did not do any updates or uploads, or was active in the community, my pages were still viewed and they were still making money.  Now do not get me wrong, I did not make enough money to retire on but the fact reminds, my page made money even when I had not visited  it in awhile.

That is what brought me to trying my experiment.  Before my husband and I homestead, I came up with this experiment to see where money was being wasted-whereas it could have been saved. The main objective in doing this is you have to be committed to keeping up with this experiment every single day.  What I did was kept up with every single penny we spent.  I did this for a while and it did not take any time before we seen where we were wasting money and where we needed to make changes. Long story short, we were able to save a good bit of money for our homestead move and used it for important stuff. Which brings me to my experiment with RedGage.
To be honest I have to say that I have become very discouraged with all of my online businesses.  To a point I wanted to throw my hands up and quit, but the stubborn side of me refused to be a quitter so I just keep on keeping on. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to visit RedGage and do a few uploads and noticed the one thing about being on this site is everything continued. Even though I haven't been to the site for awhile I still earned money and I still received page views. I did a few uploads, got visitors, made comments and responded to comments that were made.   Those two days being here on RedGage gave me a chance to breathe.

This site does not pressure you, or push you to a point where you feel like your blood is being drained.  It is calm and you work to the beat you want to work.
After visiting two days in a row, I decided I wanted to do an experiment-I will be a 100% honest, I wanted to see what I could accomplish and if spending my time on this site was going to be worth it.  Face it, we work online to make money and find a place we belong and/or fit.

After those days I started my experiment Saturday-May 11, 2013, so today May 18, 2013 is my first complete week of the experiment.  What I did was wrote the date, money earned and the amount of visitors to my page. Each morning I collect the data and will add everything together at the end of 7 seven days.

This is my first week (May 18, 2013) for the experiment and the results are:  I had 4663 visits to my page, and made more money in one week, than I have in 2 1/2 months on another site I am on.  Now I am not talking about being able to retire tomorrow, but what is that line in that movie:  'If you build it, they will come.' Well, that is how life is, if you work on something hard enough it will work.  If you reassurance about what you can do on RedGage, take a look around the community, that will give you enough encouragement to get you started on this site.  If nothing else, try this experiment you may be surprise.  Almost 5,000 visits to any page is a good bit of traffic, don't you think?

Until next week's results-happy uploading!