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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RedGage-365 Day Challenge Members List

Several of us are doing a RedGage 365 Day Challenge and I must admit, it is very exciting!  We are posting a photo a day at a site called RedGage that actually pays you for your links when others clicks on them. We have taken this challenge and have incorporated it into so many different things each being ways to draw more traffic to our many sites.  I wanted to highlight the members of the challenge to introduce them to you and also to share their links here.  We also have a RedGage-Challenge Fan Page at FaceBook, stop in and take a look around.

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Believe mousepad













Believe By: WhiteOak's Photography

Eva aka WhiteOak is a self-taught, published artist.  She has never gone to a professional school to learn any forms of art that she does.  Art to WhiteOak is very personal and she believes it come from a deep part of each of our soul.  Since early childhood, she knew she wanted to be an Artist and a Writer.  That motivated her and encouraged her to work with different medias of art including sketching, pen and ink, pastels, writing, photography, painting and graphic arts. 

Some of the places you can find WhiteOak's Challenge information is:

 RedGage-365 Day Challenge at Squidoo

365 Day Challenge at RedGage

365 Day Challenge at Zazzle

blue flowers Pictures, Images and Photos


Red Rose Bud necklace
Red Rose Bud by GypsyOwl

Deb Bryan (aka GypsyOwl) is a writer, artist, and graphic designer specializing in EBook Author's Graphics. She is The Go-To-Girl for EBook Covers, Sales Page Headers, and PDF Design (of your ebook). Founder of "MyEBookVA" Deb has helped EBook Authors complete the pdf design process and created the graphics package (EBook Cover, Sales Page Header, and Button for sidebars). Ask GypsyOwl about Package Specials for EBook Authors!

Some of the places you can find GypsyOwl's Challenge information is:

GypsyOwl Joined the RedGage 365 Day Challenge at Squidoo

365 Day Challenge at RedGage

365 Day Challenge at Zazzle

blue flowers Pictures, Images and Photos

Happiness comes from Nature




Often when I see certain flowers or certain things in Nature, they symbolize a word to me.  I have been taking these photos and turning them into beautiful messages and posting them at in WhiteOak's Photography at Zazzle.   The reason this photo represents "Happiness" is because of the way it made my mother smile.  Often flowers can make a person just feel good.  This inspired me to write this:

Happiness Print print




Often we are asked-Are you happy? Can you explain what happiness is?

I honestly believe happiness is different for everyone.

I believe happiness is watching a hummingbird and happiness is the fluttering feeling you get in your stomach when you are close to your loved one.

Happiness is watching how your animal reacts when you get home and happiness is seeing your vegetables grow and your flowers bloom.

Happiness is being content in this moment, in this time and happiness is seeing unspoken words in your loved ones eyes.

Happiness is being able to make someone smile and expect nothing in return and happiness cannot be purchased nor can it be borrowed.

I believe happiness lies in the core of your heart in the same place you hold love.  So you see-happiness is different for everyone.  What is happiness to you?


Here are a few more of my photos that have inspired me:









Until Next Time,

Wishing you a very Blessed Day.


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