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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Herbal Tea Recipes

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Herbal Tea Recipes

Herb Tea as an Alternative Healing Method

Herbs have been used by Medicine People for centuries in different towns and villages. Many of the townspeople would travel miles to visit the medicine person known in their community for healing.

Apothecary and mid-wifery used herbs all of the time. Women would gather herbs during certain times of the day to and make potions (teas) for magickal uses and healing purposes. There is so much information available for Folk-Lore Myths and remedies that several people could write a squidoo lens and never touch the surface of Herbal Healing.

I learn something new daily about using herbs. For me herbs are very magickal in every sense of the word. But they are so much more than magickal...they are a sacred gift, given to us from the Divine to help heal us. I am a proud tree hugger, if I could hug all of the herbs in the world, I would do that too! I believe in herbs, I trust them, I love them! When I am not familiar with some, I do a lot of research...that is why I mentioned in my disclaimer to ALWAYS research the herbs you are not familiar with.

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