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My Favorite Saying...

"Life is filled with magick, if we allow our eyes to see it"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inspirational Fairy Adoption Center

Back in 2007-08 I use to make little Inspirational Fairy Dolls. For each sale (adoption) I had a web site that I posted the adoption information on. Believe it or not this project brought a lot of smiles and joy to folks. Instead of having a web page, I now have a blog and this page will be used to list all of the adoption information for my new Inspirational Fairy Dolls .

Each Fairy is a OOAK piece of art. No two fairies will ever be completely the same.  Each fairy comes with her own birth card and small pouch of 'Fairy Dust'.

If you are interested in seeing which Little Fairies are up for adoption here is a link: WhiteOak Art Designs-Inspirational Fairies  As I make new ones, I will list them so be sure to check back often. Who knows you may find one that calls for you to take her home.

Okay, Here are the most recent adoptions:


This is "Whispers" she was adopted by Dawn-South Carolina     on September 25, 2014.

Whisper's message is:

"The Inspirational Faeries have a secret language that they speak to their new adoptive parent. The messages are heard right above a gentle whisper. The message always relates to good emotions. It could be joy, happiness or healing and in many cases all three!"

 This is "Rebel" she was adopted by Chelsea-South            Carolina  on October 8, 2014. Rebel's message is:

"Little Rebel is a reminder that each of us has a rebel seed within. The fact of the matter is only a few will allow the rebel side to come out.  Always remember, even a rebel has a gentle side."

This is "GaiaLynn" she was adopted by: Jamie-Wyoming on October 17, 2014. GaiaLynn's message is:

"GaiaLynn reminds us that each precious gift we are given in life comes from Earth Mother-Gaia. We are reminded that only Gaia can give us unconditional love through her care and nurturing."