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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chocolate Dippers

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Chocolate Dippers

Okay, that is taking it a little overboard, but you get what I mean. I LOVE chocolate!! This is lens 2 of 30 for the challenge I am doing. I know the niche of dipping things into chocolate has been covered and I will post some of those links, but I had to write this page. Do you want to know why?

When I was a teenager I had a few different jobs at once (three to be exact) and on the occasion when I could get a day off I would take a little bit of one of my paychecks and go downtown; at that time I was living in Colorado Springs. Even being that young I knew how important it was to treat yourself once in a while, this is how I treated myself: I would go to the Goodwill store and see if they had any ripped jeans that fit me, I would buy them and patch them up. (Yes, my hippie days) Than I would get me some chocolate covered popcorn from a vendor wagon. This was a HUGE treat for me. Nowadays, you see chocolate popcorn everywhere, but not back then.

Since I am known for liking different food combinations, I thought I would share of my favorite things dipped in chocolate.


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