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Being Empathic

Being Empathic 

What does "Being Empathic" mean? It means we are living beings who sense and feel things so strongly that many times it creates fear, unbalance, hurt and guilt  for us.  In my case, some people  have said things and their message acted like a subliminal message and attached itself to my energy, creating a very strong sense of havoc.

When something happens in our relationships, is it always our fault? We sense that it is, we feel that it is, but is it?  There is no easy way to talk about these things without sounding as if we are coldhearted or we do not have compassion.  Is it possible to be over compassionated?  How many times have your needs been put on hold to accommodate others?  In relationships there is a fine line between empathic feelings and a paranoid thought.  Is it even possible to tell the difference between the two? Is it our imagination when we sense or feel our spouse is lying or they have done something to hurt us? I ask these questions a lot. Throughout the years I have learned that if the feelings continue to be, there must be something to look into. Often we are placed between a rock and a hard place and the only thing we can do is have faith and believe the truth of the feelings will be revealed in time.

When it comes to relationships being with an Empath can cause a lot of havoc and stress. How many times have you heard, "you should not wear your heart on your sleeve" or "you are too sensitive" when you react to something that was said or done? Perhaps there is a fine line between being too sensitive and being empathic.  If someone I know is hurting really bad, I feel it, when they are sad, I feel, when they are happy my mood is uplifted.  As I am writing this, I have realized something important about myself, I believe being an empath/sensitive causes me not to get too close to people. Hmm, this is something to ponder, I suppose.

Being Empathic is like living in a high sensory level of consciousness all of the time; feeling and sensing everything around us.  We cannot control what we will feel, or when we will feel it, it is something that is with us 24-7.  I have learned I had to put up spiritual blockers when I am in large crowds (which I try to avoid as much as possible).  It takes a lot of energy to place blockers up-but we also need to protect ourselves, especially when we are picking up what other's are feeling. During certain times of the year when the veil between worlds are thin, it affects me really oddly.  I can drive pass a cemetery and get overwhelming feelings of sadness and loneliness.  When I am in stores and if someone walks pass me that has a dead soul, it almost makes me sick.  Luckily, I do not run into those often, but unfortunately I have felt a few in my time. Empath's are affected by all of the energies that surround them because they feel everything.  Since everything has energy can you imagine what it is like to be an Empath?  It is like walking into a room filled with people, and although you arrived feeling good and happy, if a person is in that room that is negative, angry or mean, it makes an empath's mood change almost instantly.

I know there has to be books written about being empathic-I have never read any, I just keep learning as I go along. I have had to learn how to co-exist with this all of my life.  I have listened to others and have spoken with others about being an empath; by doing that I have learned there are different levels of empathy.  Some are more sensitive only to the spiritual world- while others are more sensitive to the spirit world, human emotions and energies. The one thing that always seems to be the same is, we all learn to co-exist with our own abilities the best way we can.

Being empathic and feeling all of the different energies around us, can often become confusing, hurtful and there are even times when it feels like we are losing our minds. Although, it is almost impossible to hide from every person that appears on your path, it is up to you to believe in the energy you are picking up.  If a person makes you feel angry, hurtful or they have mean energy than you know this person is negative.  If you are around someone who seems to lie a lot, it causes feelings of not being able to trust-and do not let an empath fool you, they may know you are lying but you will never know until they tell you face to face.  So do not try lying to an empath, I promise it will back-fire.

We live in an ever changing world of different cycles,  we will always have dark moments in our lives and we will have shut down periods in our lives, this happens because the experiences of these moods are not as important as the results of coming out the experience with a better understanding of who we are.  We have to embrace all aspects of ourselves, the good, the bad and the strange. Being Empathic is a part of who I am, I am not a freak or wanting attention by pretending I am something I am not.  We are explorers on our own journey in life-If we feel like we need protection, there are ways of shielding our energy with protective light.  It is up to each one of us to learn the skills we need to, to feel safe and protected.

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  1. This was an awesome article and I appreciate it. This particular quote resonated with me:
    "if the feelings continue to be, there must be something to look into." as well as "I believe being an empath/sensitive causes me not to get too close to people.".....Thank you for writing about this..I am sure it will help many. :)

    1. Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate you visiting and commenting

  2. Your interesting style of writing and selection of topics both reflect and exude a high level of intuitive energy. Much like you describe here, my own intuitive energy occurs at varying levels of strength, but unlike your experience mine is only readily apparent occasionally with specific individuals who also see... or at times when I have been in danger. It has been very much a positive resource the majority of the time. Only in the presence of evil people or places and/or someone that intended me, my friends and/or family harm has that negative energy engaged my intuitive vision so strongly that it shifted my mood immediately to one of cold, hard anxiety, being on edge and very alert and anticipating real danger from it's source. Danger has not always actively materialized, but when it did that intuitive warning has served me well. My intuition leaves no doubt the danger was there, even when it didn't actively happen. I don't, however, walk into a crowd and see the negative energy flowing around from others unless it is directed at me. I can only imagine the empath experience you describe of feeling so much negative energy not even directed at you, but still engaging your intuitive understanding with enough strength to impact your own well being and mood. Your awareness is obviously a double-edged sword for your life experiences as your writing indicates that the positive energy that you encounter engages you just as intensely as the negative. I hope that is the case ;>) for while I have not read all you have written, I have really enjoyed what I have read of your writing... along with your visual imagery and your understanding of the natural world! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much for reading this article and for commenting. I greatly appreciate it. This is where things get a little tricky for me because like you when anyone tries to aim harm to those I care about, it is hard to make things right for two reasons: (1) Usually when someone goes up to another and explains it is best to stay away from someone, it becomes a very unbalanced situation because people do not like hearing negative comments about someone they care for. Often people become blinded by some people and refuse to see the whole picture especially if there is psychic vampirism involved. (2) Everyone needs to walk their own path and learn lessons the way they need too. That becomes a double edged sword for most empathics because unfortunately when the person ends up getting hurt (if that is the case) the empath will suffer the pain along with the one they care for, even though there was an early warming.

    2. This is so true, I absorb others emotional pain like a sponge. I can't watch anything on television that has high levels of pain, emotion, or be around someone that is depressed without becoming emotional and depressed myself. I don't have to be in the room with them, and sometimes I can feel it without them telling me. My daughter is the same way. It's frustrating to have someone else's pain and emotional stress "on you"..that is the only way I can describe it, like it's attached itself to you. I have to isolate myself from people that have these types of problems to a degree or it takes me down with them, or at least it feels like it will. Gosh, I hope that makes sense..? I am so thankful you're sharing this with everyone.... big hugs!!!!

    3. I totally understand what you are saying Dawn. Actually, as soon as I finish an article I am going to write you a message about something-with the paranormal that we mentioned yesterday. *hugs*

    4. I look forward to hearing from you :)
      and always *hugs* back at ya. :)

  3. This is a wonderful article. Both my youngest daughter and I are both empathic. It is really hard on her being a teenager with Aspergers. She stays upset so much of the time. It can be really difficult at times. I've quit jobs over and ended friendships over the strong negative emotions and I know the same things will occur to my daughter. I'm also involved in the paranormal so I spend a bit of time shielding and teaching her as well. I keep telling her being empathic is a gift; I'm not sure she believes me. LOL

    1. Shirley, first thank you so much for following me and leaving a comment. When I was younger and did not understand me being empathic, my emotions were like a roller-coaster. I honestly believe being empathic is a gift although sometimes myself I question that :-D I believe once your daughter gets a little older and forms more into her 'being' she too will see the 'gift' part of being empathic. I also believe your daughter has other beautiful gifts that have not surfaced yet. I too have been involved with the paranormal since a very young child when I had my first visitation. I feel like I know, but pretty sure this is the first time we have spoke. Perhaps all of us are connected through our 'gifts'. I hope to hear from you again, if not have a Blessed Samhain!!


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