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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Burning Black Candles

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Burning Black Candles

Black Candles

t is almost Halloween, and you are beginning to see Halloween decorations in the stores including black and orange candles. Many people who burn a lot of black candles throughout the year will stock up and purchase as many as possible. One of the main problems is many of the stores only get a small supply of black candles in. Why do you think this is?

Often burning black candles has a negative connotation. Many people associate them to witchcraft, evil and darkness. However, when someone wears a lot of darker colors including black it is not considered evil or dark at all, but instead sensual and sometimes exotic.

What about decorating your house hold with black items? During Halloween it is part of the custom to decorate in black and orange. Often decorators will decorate certain rooms such as the bedroom and/or bathrooms in total black because it is very stylish.

Yes, burning black candles away from Halloween is often considered to be bad. It is associated with mourning and grief, and yes black is worn a lot at funerals and some cultures wear black for a certain period of time when mourning someone they have lost. Black is a very mysterious color perhaps that is why many people chose to not burn black candles.


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