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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nutritional Cooking

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Health and Nutrition

Nutritional Cooking

This is something that I have been very aware of since I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. It seems that the biggest majority of people who are diagnosed with HPB also are told that if they lose weight it will increase the chances of lower their Blood Pressure.

Losing weight is harder than just a saying it, trying to do it and actually doing it. I do not believe in diets. I am sure there are diets that are affective, and I am sure some people have great results from them. If you do a Google Search on diets there were 22,000,000 results. So out of the 22,000,000 you know people have had to have results! I have often heard that losing weight is more than just losing it, the objective is keeping the weight off. I am a firm believer instead of dieting, people that focus more on changing your eating habit have better over results.


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