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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Psychic Children are very Gifted

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Psychic Children

Psychic Children are very Gifted

Psychic Children

I am creating this lens for a few different reasons. I just finished watching a show on T.V. about Psychic Children, and the one thing that kept going through my mind was, I wish someone would have taken the time to help me learn about my gifts as a child, instead of making me feel like a freak.

Plus, I believe this is a very important subject because children are so attuned to the Spiritual World and Psychic Abilities when they are young. The problem is; they do not know what to do with these abilities and are unsure how to use them.

Last, I believe children need to safe enough in the family to have open communication. Many Gifts are lost in children because they become afraid or unsure of what they are experiencing. They begin to wonder if what they seen were real or pretend is this good or bad, doubt is a horrible emotion to feel and unfortunately it begins at a very early age.


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