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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Angel Art at Zazzle

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Angel Art at Zazzle

WhiteOak Art Designs

Where do I begin to talk about Angels? I have loved them all of my life. My grandmother would tell me that I always had angels around me protecting me. It was not until recently I started created Angel pictures and everyone is very special to me.

As with all of my artwork, somehow there is always a hidden message in the art. Each Fairy picture, graphic art picture, photo and even the angel pictures always speak to me. It is like these little messages appear and becomes a part of the theme of the picture.

I hand make Inspirational Faeries and Inspirational Angel dolls from cloth. Each of the dolls is one of a kind piece of art and each has their own little personal messages. So in a sense all of my art has some kind of message attached to it.

I am very attached to my artwork and always have been. That is why I always say that me doing art is so much than a monetary thing, I actually want to give something back to the world, if that make any sense?


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