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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yellow Daffodils

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Yellow Daffodils

The Flower of Spring

For me nothing screams springtime is close like seeing the beautiful little yellow daffodils popping up everywhere. You can be driving down the road and look off to the side of the road and see this beautiful patch of these bright yellow flowers. You can be walking along a path and see these little beauties just popping their heads up through the dirt.

When I was a child attending school up North, we use to make daffodils out of crepe paper and I remember placing the flowers in my bedroom and just becoming thrilled about the thought of spring coming! Of course back than springtime also meant Easter which meant Coconut Cream Eggs and CHOCOLATE bunnies!!! Did I just associate Daffodils with Chocolate and Coconut Cream Eggs?


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