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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tips for Updating your Squidoo Pages

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Tips for Updating your Page

Ideas for Updating your Squidoo Pages

Let's be honest, the main reasons we write Squidoo Pages, Blogs and Write on other Social Networks is so we can earn money. Unfortunately, there is more to it than just writing a fantastic page and expecting it to go out and make money on its own. There is a lot involved and hopefully I will be able to make some suggestions that will help.

Writing online is not like going to Microsoft and downloading updates. You actually have to update your pages often in order to keep traffic coming to them. Of course one of the main things is staying in good standards with Google (speaking for myself) that is where I count on a lot of my traffic coming from.

Back linking, adding a good Meta tag, SEO and doing a lot of promotion is as important. But all of this requires updating your pages and keeping them fresh.

I have been reading some fantastic suggestions lately from different people's blog and I have taken a lot of the information into consideration while diligently working to update my own pages. I decided to write this lens with great hopes that it may help others along the way.


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