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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Natural Cold Remedies

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Natural Cold Remedies

Cold and Allergies

have been studying herbal healing for a very long time now. I studied for a while under the Australian Herbal College taking Correspondent courses, I studied with close friends that are herbalist, and I have read a lot of herbal healing books. Am I an expert? No, I am not. Just as with any healing method, things change and more information surfaces every day. Do I believe in herbal remedies? Yes, I do very much.

When it comes to battling the Cold and/or Allergies there are things available to help bring a little relief, so why not get a little relief with herbs the natural way? I have finally taking a little time and wrote up some of my own remedies. Before you read on I have to add my disclaimer and also I wanted to share this you. I was selling my herbal products at an All Nations Pow-wow one time. This man walked up and with a stern voice asked, "How did you come up with these mixtures?" I looked at him and explained, "To be very honest "Spirit" came me the recipes." He half smiled and said, "Good Combinations!" Turns out this gentleman was a medicine man and to this very day, I have something in my medicine bag that he gave to me.


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