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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Animal Spirit Totems

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Animal Spirit Totems

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What are Animal Spirit Totems?

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Every one of us are given many Spiritual Helpers throughout our lives to help us go through certain experiences. As we grow spiritually our Spirit Helpers change. I know that some classes I have taken taught us that during our birth we are given certain animal medicine. I will list these in the lens.

I know by the certain Gifts I have had all of my life, shows me that one of my Spirit Helpers has always been Hawk Medicine. I will go more in depth in a few moments.

I hope to make this lens an educational journey for you and I hope to incorporate some things that may help aide you in recognizing your own Animal Spirit Totems. One of the most important things to ALWAYS remember: Although we may be very drawn to some animals does not make them our totem animals. Our Animal Spirit Totems actually pick us, which is a very big honor.


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