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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spirit Horse Totem

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Spirit Horse Totem

Horse as your Animal Spirit Totem

painted a picture one time and named it "Spirit Horse" because of the "spirit medicine" horses carry. They carry a strong medicine for strength and courage. I remember when I painted the picture I was at a point in my life where I could feel my strength and courage lowering and I knew I needed help. So I called upon "Horse Medicine".

I have always had a very strong connection with horses. I rode my first one when I was twelve or thirteen years old and the moment I sat on the horses back something just filled my energy with so much freedom. I remember riding with a friend one time and she made the horse we were riding rock (I do not know the correct terminology for it) but feeling the wind on my face and the movement of horse, I always wished I could freeze that moment in time.

This lens will be about different things associated with horses and the 'spirit medicine' they carry. I have been trying to search for my picture of "Spirit Horse" but have not found it yet. For some reason I just cannot get that picture out of my mind. So I am writin

g this lens and perhaps one day I will have to sketch or paint another "Spirit Horse".

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