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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Macro Photography

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Macro Photography

In the beginning

Macros Photography

Beautiful White Orchid mousepad

n the beginning when I first started getting interested in photography on a more serious level, I remember being drawn to doing close up pictures of flowers. If I had to label myself as specific kind of photographer it would be a Nature Photograph that specializes in Floral and Macro Photography.  But being an amateur, I would never consider myself a professional photographer until I had years of experience under my belt.

How much have you thought about photography?  When you look at a photograph do you only see what is in the picture or do you see things that the ordinary observer would not?  When I look through the lens of my camera, it is like I am looking into another world.  That is why on my photography business cards my motto is: Beauty seen through the lens of a camera. When I look at flowers through the lens of my camera, I see “Life” in that flower.


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