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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cooking for Geeks Cookbook

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Cooking for Geeks Cookbook-3

Chapter Five Review and Pumpkin Cake

Cooking for Geeks by: Jeff Potter

This is a fantastic cookbook that is really considered more than just a cookbook but also a learning tool. I really enjoyed how Mr. Potter went into an explanation about leaveners not only with a scientific approach but also in plain English.

I cannot speak for everybody but one of the most important things to me when reading books is how the book is written. I enjoy reading books that seem like the Author is sitting there telling you a story. Through their written words it more like having a conversation with the readers. This is one reason I really enjoyed this book.

Cooking for Geeks is actually a book that could be used as a good learning tool for older children who are just beginning to learn to cook. He writes about different experiments you can do that will show you what he is explaining. How much fun could this be if you got your children involved-what child does not like to play scientist in the kitchen? There is a simple experiment to separate out and see the gluten made by the proteins in flour-doesn't that

sound like fun to watch?

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