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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ways to be Eco-Friendly

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Ways to be Eco-Friendly

Green Living-ideas

This Lens is about tiny little natural things you can do that will save you money, the environment, safe to use on your animals and yourself. Oh, did I mention the part about saving money!!!

By using simple little things that you have on hand, you can help ear mites leave your animals, by using a little cornmeal you can get rid of ants!

These are just a few things I will be talking about. This information was posted in my WOSIB little-sis group by two of our members, Cathie and Edwina. Thanks you two...I hope others find this as interesting as I did!!

Why am I using a candle graphic? Well, to save on your electric bill you can use candles for light, the scent is wonderful and plus it is very romantic. I use essential oil on all of my candles for its aromatherapy effects.


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