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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Spirit Name

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My Spirit Name

WhiteOak-A Journey to my Naming Ceremony

When you decide to write a small biography it is a lot different from writing about a certain topic or belief or even another person. When you write this kind of lens, it is about you, so it makes a bit more personal. So the first question should really be; why did I decide to write a lens about myself?

I have been visiting a lot of other lens lately and I have noticed that many people have written a lens about their self. I personally found that to be interesting because we are given an insight to who the Lensmasters are, and it helps us to know them a little better.

When we are given our birth name or baby name, the parents usually give it to us with some symbolic meaning. Chances are those meanings are not as spiritual as they are giving honor to someone. The spiritual aspect of the name of a baby is as important (according to my beliefs) as the name would be giving someone honor. A little more on this later.

So, without further delaying- I will begin with this. I was born in 1958, I am a double an Aquarius with a Taurus Moon, and I am 100% true to my sign! What in the world does this mean? It means I am a one of kind of something and have not figured that part out yet

(Laughs), Not really this is what it means:

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