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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Story About Finding Mom

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My Story About Finding Mom

Meet Danu!

Hello Everyone, I am Danu-Mom (WhiteOak) adopted me about eleven years ago. Wait a minute let me think about this for a second, I am really getting old and my memory is not what it use to be. Oh, Mom adopted me twelve years ago when she lived in Indiana.

Okay, yes that is me in the picture. My face hasn't been washed because I haven't been feeling real good lately, but since mom wanted me to do this page with her, I thought what the heck I am sure all of you will understand.

Oh, see my new Santa Claus blanket well, mom told me Santa brought it to me early to keep me warm at night. And Buddy, that is my toy squirrel in my bed with me, well mom brought him back from Michigan. So, in away I think I am a little spoiled. Sadly, though there are many little fellows out in this huge world that does not have little toys, or beds or blankets. So all of the money from this page will go to helping them.

Here is my story-just bare with me I get a little lost sometimes!


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