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Monday, August 8, 2011

Wolf Totems

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Wolf Totem

My Spirit Wolf Totem

n the drumming circles I attended, someone mentioned that they were going to have a Shaman Class in a couple of weeks to help people find their "Animal Spirit Totems". I was so excited that I could not contain myself. I signed up and hoped to goodness that the money was going to manifest so I could pay for the class. I honestly believe that when things are meant to be, everything will come together and that is exactly what happened for me and the class.

There was a pretty big group. I knew most everybody but there were a few new people that I had not meant before. It was a one day workshop that would turn out to be one of the most fascinating days of my life.

Finally, I was going to meet my "Dolphin" the animal that I knew with all of my heart that was my Animal Spirit Totem. Little did I know that we are not the ones that choose our guides, our guides choose us.


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