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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dustings from the School Bus

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Back to School Quest

Dustings from the School Bus

The Angels of Squidooville received a letter in their inbox that spoke of a special quest that was available. Since it is that time again when all of the School Buses are out cleaning off the dust and getting ready for the new school year to begin, the officials at Squidooville headquarters thought it would be fun to go on one last adventure before school officially started.

Ms. Bonnie and Ms. Robin packed a lot of extra juice boxes and sent all of us Angels out to explore new territories in Squidooville. It was a seven day journey and each of us Angels were suppose to visit 10 new homes in a new territory each day for seven days. (I was really afraid we were going to run out of juice boxes because WOW this was a really fun road trip!)


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