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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kitchen Witch

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Kitchen Witch

Exactly, what is a Kitchen Witch?

A Kitchen Witch: is a woman who has placed magick in every aspect of her home, her hearth. She is the Keeper of the Home who ensures it is safe, cleaned of negative energies and it is nurtured on all levels. I choose to post this description because it best describes me and my experiences. In a sense I am more like a Hedge-witch.

A Kitchen Witch puts so much energy in her home that most of the time the kitchen becomes the Heart of the Home. I have had people gather in my home and most of the time we gather in the kitchen. We will share a wonderful herbal tea and a cake filled with magickal energy, or a beautiful spring salad with all of the trimmings. We will sit and talk and share so much that time actually fly's away.


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