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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weekend Getaways

What can be more romantic?

Since life is always so busy these days, weekend getaways could almost be considered medicine. Getting away whether on motorcycle ride, a hike through the woods or going out and doing photography are all things to break you away from your busy life.  One thing I have had lately is HUGE wake up call reminding me life is really short. And although we are always rushing around trying to work harder, and longer hours to make ends meet, relaxing and enjoying life needs to be put onto your schedule.

Since I live in the South, I mainly write about about beautiful locations that are pretty close around.  But I have lived in many different states that also have beautiful vacation spots.  Take for example Colorado.  Colorado has the most beautiful place to explore and that is the "Garden of the God's".  It is a huge park that has giant rock formations.  One of them is called the "Kissing Camels".  Another spot in the Garden of the Gods is called "Eagle Rock" which use to be my favorite spot to go to and just relax or just listen to nature.

Below you will find some links of different pages I have written.  Please take a look because you just may be interested in visiting one of the places as a surprise for your spouse.  It could be a surprise romantic weekend getaway!  How romantic is that?

Now the drive to Brasstown Bald is as beautiful as actually getting to this park.One the way there are many places to stop and do some photography.  If you love the Appalachian Trail you will be able to stop at the point that leads you the full 2,178 mile trip to Maine.  Click on the link and read more about Brasstown Bald located in the North Georgia Mountains.

If you love historical things, you should do a research for Covered Bridges that is in your area.  My husband and I love to photograph covered bridges, so we did a search of the them in our area and this link shows the bridges and gives a little history behind them.  I love the feel and the history of Covered Bridges, do you?

This is really a funny how I wrote this article.  It was Easter Morning and my husband and I decided to head up to Black Mountain and try to do some photography right as the sun was breaking through the top of the mountain. After freezing our backsides off waiting for the sun to come up, we were not able to get the right angle shot of the sun AND we were actually pushed out of our space where we were standing.  So driving home, we seen a sign that lead to the Gorge at Tallulah Falls.  We have been through Tallulah Falls many times but never noticed the sign for the Gorge.  So we decided we would check it because we really wanted to shoot some landscape photos.  This article shares everything we found.  I promise if you make this one of your weekend getaways, YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!! 

I do not even know where to start on this weekend getaway! This is a photo that I took from the top of Grandfather Mountain.  You HAVE too put this trip on your list.  Although it makes a great weekend get away, you  may want to go and check it out and than plan on going back to spend a few more days.  Grandfather Mountain is among one of the most beautiful places I have seen.  By the end of the day, all you will want to do is stop by and grab some dinner to go, get to your hotel, eat and crash! There is so much to do there, you will literally have to make yourself leave!

If you really enjoy waterfalls, this would be a great weekend getaway trip.  There are several falls, Anna Ruby Waterfall, Toccoa Waterfall, Tallulah Falls Gorge State Park and many more.  There is nothing better than hearing the sound of a creek beside you as you walk to the falls.  During each season the view will be different.

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  1. Lots of wonderful information here, and Colorado is one of those states I have always admired and wanted to go visit!! I would love to visit Northern Georgia and this may be the next vacation I plan, now that you have provided the info and seems like a must see to me. North Carolina I have gone there since I was a young child and there is a feeling I get there that is so special..I always hate leaving the mountains in has a feel to it, that words wont's very own heartbeat..and I feel it is a part of my own..

    1. I really like the idea they are close, you can have a fantastic weekend, and it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to do. Not to mention the photography and hiking :-) I think you would really enjoy it Dawn.

  2. What a great tradition you and your husband are making Eva with these weekend trips! It's wonderful to have a passion that is fun and interesting like this...that you both enjoy and can share. I have been everywhere you listed here but the covered bridges. I do love them too as we used to have a number of them in our area, but most have sadly burned or been destroyed by vandals. Grandfather Mountain is my favorite ;) Beautiful Post!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you so much. Oh, don't even get me started on Grandfather Mountain. When I was at the mile high bridge doing my photography it blew me away! I was in a total state of amazement. Than when you get across the bridge and start looking around it is like wow, I think I will leave a little piece of my heart ( A Janice Joplin Moment) here so I can always have the feeling I had when being there. That is so sad about the cover bridges, it truly breaks my heart when I see people destroying them. There is no respect for all of the memories these bridges hold. Thanks for stopping by as always, I greatly appreciate it.

  3. Excellent .. Superb .. I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally I'm satisfied to search out numerous useful information here in the post about Weekend Getaways, thank you for sharing. . . . .

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting, I appreciate it.


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