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Monday, November 5, 2012

Poetry from the Heart-Part 5

Poetry from the heart

I cannot speak for all women, only for myself.  I have noticed in my own life as I transcended to a different section of the trinity, I began to see life differently.  The changes I seen were not a couple of things here and there, but for me it was a full transition.  Often the changes happened so fast that it felt like a whirlwind running at high speed.  We learn a whole new way-and our path becomes a different trail.  But the more you can just flow with these experiences, the more you will come to realize, that is all part of our spiritual growth.  The good, the bad, the ugly, all of it is part of learning new ways.

Sweet Scents
(c) 1996 Eva WhiteOak Thomas

Spiral Dancers, dancing on a golden thread,
Visions and thoughts are filling my head.
Sweet Scents of what was once secure,
leaves my emotions very unsure.

Spiral Dancers, from here and there,
have set me free, floating on air.
Sweet Scents of what was once pure,
leaves me empty and very bored.

Spiral Dancers, of my most inner fear,
have began to bring out yesterdays tears.
Sweet Scents of something once filled with power,
leaves me feeling like a broken flower.

Spiral Dancers, that once danced in faith,
Now runs away to totally escape.
Sweet Scents of what was once soft,
leaves my spirit cold and aloof.

Spiral Dancers, when did I lose sight,
within the darkness of my own fright.
Sweet Scents of yet to come,
leave me feeling very numb.

Spiral Dancers, I no longer feel your dance,
And the song that brought light into my broken trance.
Sweet Scents of a strength, I once held
leaves my ears ringing with echo's of bells.

Spiral Dancers, will this pain ease,
From whispers of a silent pleads?
Sweet Scents of my weakness that's no longer strong,
leaves me with questions like where do I belong. 

From a Mist
(c) 1998 Eva WhiteOak Thomas

It appears you have stepped out from a mist,
Your darkness wrapped around you in a tight fit.
The paleness of your skin reflects in the moon,
Yet your shadow self continues to bloom.
You shield many thing but your true essence cannot hide. 
 I sense you, feel you and can hear your cries.
I understand unspoken words that cannot escape your lips,
And the darkness that comforts you as you so wish.

It appears you have stepped out from a mist,
Lingering about in a crowded abyss.
Your mysterious aura, your mysterious feel,
Can sensed by those from a familiar wheel.
It can be seen how close you hold the darkness around you,
and the  comfort you feel within the darkness, is this not true?
Many things are hidden with the shadow self, that feels right,
Especially those that linger at night.

It appears you have stepped out from a mist,
Not alone, but yet alone as you so wish.
The darkness of your eyes and the paleness of your skin,
Is a trait that you do have other kin.
The fire that runs through your soul,
Reminds me of tales that I was once told.
The rapture runs deep within your essence,
I know it is you, in its purest quintessence. 

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  1. Thought provoking and lovely, I always enjoy the poetry you write..

    1. Thank you Dawn, yeah sort of deep in this set :-) Thanks for stopping by.


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