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Monday, October 29, 2012

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides and Animal Spirit Totems

When it comes to Spirit Guides and Animal Spirit Totems, there is a lot to learn.  I wanted to share a few things I have researched, and share some of my own experiences.  As I write more pages, I will be adding them here, so please bookmark or follow my blog to see updates.

When it comes to spirituality, we are all given Spirit Guides that are there to help us.  It does not matter if your Spirit Guides are angels, animal totems, family members who have passed or spirit guides from your ancestors from long ago.  Each guide we are sent are sent for a reason, to help us learn and to keep our journey safe.

Please click on the link to read more about Spirit Guides.

I personally believe that Hawk has been one of my animal totems forever.  I have always had a very special connection with them. I believe that each person has very sacred gift that are all influenced by the animal spirit who have chosen them.  When you are working with the spirit world, it is not like going into a candy store and choosing everything you want.  A spirit guide, animal totem and even angels choose us to help.

Please click on the link to read more about Hawk Totems

The bear is a very interesting animal totem to have.  Bear came to me back in the late eighties or early 90's.  It was during that time I was learning many different kinds of alternative healing.  Bear is not only a healer but very protective.

Please click on the link to read more about Spirit Bear Totems

I have always loved horses.  I was thrown from a horse when I was 12, another horse threw me in a rose bush, but like the saying goes, I always got back on!  However, although I love horses, unfortunately it has not chosen me, so it is not one of my totems. Horses represents strength, new journey's and travel.  

Please click on the link to read more about Horse Totems

Once again, I have always loved wolves.  However, I would have never dreamed or thought wolf would ever be one of my animal totems.  But it choose me and presented itself to me in a very unusual way.  I share a lot of my story how wolf came to me on the link below.

Please click on the link to read more about Wolf Totems

I have added a lot of different information on this page all related to animal spirit totems.  There are a lot of links and different stories about what kind of medicines a lot of animals have.  I have also listed a list of animals that each and everyone of us are born with.

Please click on link to read more about Animal Spirit Totems

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  1. I am soooooo glad you wrote about this and also included links. This is something I have been reading up on in my spare time and now I have your wonderful resources to read about too.. :)

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I had a feeling you would like this post. I created this video to give a few ideas what some animals mean. I will be adding to it as time permits.

  2. Wonderful information... thanks so much Eva! I'm looking forward to going into each link and and reading about the spirit guides. Love the video and the song... who sings it? I was thrown by a horse at 12 also when she got barnsick all of a sudden and took off... halfway to the barn she stuck her front legs in the ground and hit the brakes... I kept going right over her head and to the ground... good thing though as it was a very low barn ceiling and I wouldn't like being knocked off by the support beam over the barn door ;) Love the horses!

    1. The song was sang by Steve Azar. At animoto they have a small collection of songs you can choose from to go with the video you produce. I really liked the sound of this music to go with the animal pictures. Yeah, it is not fun being thrown from a horse but I got up, dusted off and rode again. Thank you for visiting and commenting, as always I greatly appreciate it.


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