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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Elements Fire and Air

The Elements Fire and Air

When you are walking through the woods,
where the mighty one's once stood,
Listen to the crackling fire's sound,
that circles you all around.

Listen to all of the sounds in Nature,
and how her rhythm becomes even greater.
Listen to the Air,
and the roaring power of fires flare.

As the air dances across the water,
leaving ripples that move like a performer,
the air flows soft and slow~
and intertwines with fires glow.

As air flows through the branches of a tree,
and entwines with the leaves,
they have completed their dance to air's sound,
now it is time to meld into the ground.

Every element has a special chore,
as does the ocean waves as they touch the shore,
as you sit with a chill from the air
just imagine fires flares.

As the air flows all around,
like the rhythm of the drums sound.
Keep your heart warm by the fires heat,
and enjoy this moment before it fleets.

I have always said that poetry is a way for a writer to express things that often cannot be spoken from the mouth.  Yet, it can be expressed through metaphors. Since everyone speaks on different levels most of  the time, metaphors are often spoken as the universal language. Of course not everyone with agree with this and that is perfectly okay. 

Many people get sad and close down during the colder months.  When they see the bare trees, and all of the leaves on the ground, they see a huge chore that needs to be done.  Raking leaves is hard work no doubt.  I love to rake for several reasons, but mainly because I know the leaves I rake up will soon become wonderful material for your garden.  I love to watch how the leaves meld into the soil and how it makes soil richer. I do not see  autumn as doom and gloom, but instead I see autumn and winter as a time to rest and rejuvenate for preparation for a new beginning.  

Metaphors to me, is very much like the music from Enigma.  They may be singing something but when the words travel through your ears to your spirit~they become something totally different.  Listen and you tell me what you think. 


  1. An absolutely wonderful poem Eva, this is probably one of my favorites! I love poetry about nature and I love the use of metaphors because as you stated, the metaphor is the universal lanquage. Thank you for sharing this. I actually love the Fall and Winter months, each season has a special place in our lives, and each brings with it gifts if we just train ourselves to pay attention to what is truly important, and what is not. Again, love this one.. :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn. I am so glad to hear you too do not get gloom and doomed during the cold months, and I also appreciated what you said about the metaphors. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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