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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Holidays are Approaching

Christmas Gift Idea's

When it comes to Christmas face it, it is not what it use to be.  There use to be a time when a child was happy finding a piece of fruit in their Christmas stocking.  In today's time chances of a piece of fruit being found in a stocking would get a very strange reaction.

Gifts are given out of love.  When you give gifts, there should not be grief, stress and sadness if you do not have the money to spend on expensive gifts.  I have seen where a lot of the appreciation of giving has lost some of its magic.  For me personally that has become very sad.  Many people celebrate and see the holiday differently and however you decide to celebrate it is your call on your own personal path. 

How many times (truthfully) has someone asked you what you wanted for Christmas? I personally have a problem with that, because like I said in the opening, gifts are given from the heart and should never be out of obligation.  When I think about giving gifts, I look at the person's heart and energy.  If someone loved hiking you would never give them a pair of ballet shoes, right? You would associate that person with Nature and a love they have for it.

Here are a few ideas that could be something for you to consider.

For Nature lovers  
Just about anything with a nature scene on it: 

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Do you love baking?  
You can make a wonderful gift from your own kitchen

Places to find great recipes to fill a tin

Back in the early 1990's I wrote this short story about how I see Christmas.  The story is called:  Glorious Christmas

I will be adding to this post throughout the next few days, please bookmark and come back to visit. 


  1. Eva, I sooooooo agree with you, gifts that have a wonderful heartfelt thought behind them are just priceless. This article was a gift as far as I am concerned and thank you for the sweet links to some of my're just a true love!
    I see a lot of parents making the mistake of giving their kids just excesses in gifts and its a shame because it sets them up with a sense of "entitlement" that is so ruinous to their survival and their priorities later on..great article wonderful musings.. will check back often :)

    1. Thank you so much Dawn. I actually wrote a short story that I need to add to this post. I think I will do that now.


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