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Friday, November 9, 2012

I see you standing there

Poetry about Trees

I was at the doctors office with my mother and out of nowhere, I had sentences that kept echoing in  my mind.  So I pulled out my writing book and began writing.  For a little while I did not even  notice I was in a waiting room, it was like I had gotten lost in this poem.  

If you are a writer, you most likely understand what I mean by I am never without something to write on and pens. There are a few material things I cannot be without in my life: camera, writing tablets, pens, candles and matches.  If I had to say I am addicted or obsessed with something it would be those items. (Oh and Lip Balms!! Yes, a little off topic there, but still the truth).

I took the picture posted above one day a friend and I went to the botanical gardens.  I love to photograph trees and branches especially if they are crooked. I do this because I find them so unique and beautiful.  They have a lot of character and grace.  Of course I have never seen a tree I did not think was beautiful.  Yes, I even love the trees that are coming to the end of their life journey and are just standing there. If you look closely at the bare trees, you will often see hawks sitting in them; which makes the scene even more beautiful!

I see you Standing There
(c) 2012 Eva WhiteOak Thomas

As I see you standing tall,
especially during the Fall,
I see you with such beauty and grace,
which confirms I am in the right place.

Visions of your wisdom flows,
throughout your colored leaves as they glow,
they show signs of their journey,
throughout their life, which seems like eternity.

Your leaves, your branches and your bark,
places images upon my heart,
I am truly blessed each day,
to be able to watch you sway.

As you move to natures song,
slow soft movements, yet so strong.
I admire the gifts you freely give,
and how easily you can forgive.

If only people could truly hear,
the words you speak beyond our ears.
It is sad the messages you send our way,
are often missed every day.

I see you standing there tall and proud,
as if you are reaching for the clouds.
I honor you standing there and everything you do,
I know there would be no life without you.

The next time you pass by a tree, stop and feel,
how the energy flows because it is so real.
They never ask for anything in return,
Just for us to listen, so we can all learn.

If you ever need a friend,
all you have to do is find a tree to befriend,
it will shower you with unconditional love,
and teach you so much from above.


  1. very nice page and things

  2. I love how your mind gravitates to the natural world and motivates you to wax poetic. Trees are the unique guardians of the soil that nourishes them ... and they have a language and an energy all their own. Thank you for your love of trees ;>)

    1. I indeed have a great connection with trees, they are our elders. Thanks for stopping by.


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