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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Between the Worlds

Nature Poetry

Beyond the views of our mind, there is a place between the worlds, in another dimension.  It is a place where life is completely different, it is a place that is truly pure, fresh and free.  It is there for everyone to experience, unfortunately very few do.  This place between the worlds is a place where there are no restrictions or demands.  The freedom is not like we are use to in this world, it is a pure freedom that does nothing but lifts your higher self to a point where everything in life has been lifted and taken away from you.  Every fractions of your spiritual being is cleansed and filled with a light that is warm, clean and bright.  You meld with every energy that life has to offer.  You are connected but not caged and bound, you are part of something much bigger, you are connected directly to the "Source".

Between the Worlds
(c) 2012 Eva WhiteOak Thomas

The dimension between the worlds,
is encased like a fine pearl.
It is so different and alive,
yet it only takes a second to arrive.

The dimension between the worlds,
is wonderfully warm and never cold.
As you breathe in the freshness of the air,
your senses are wide open, like an animal's lair.

The dimension between the worlds,
is a place your spirit can swirl.
You can see forever, but without sight,
and feel how the stars burn so bright.

The dimension between the worlds,
have paths that twist and twirl.
Listen closely you can hear beyond words,
in the dimension between the worlds.

The dimension between the worlds,
has a legend that has always been told,
everything you feel is without touch,
but yet you realize what it is very much.

The dimension between the worlds,
is a comforting place, yet so old.
If there were no eyes to see,
your senses is what you have to believe.

The dimension between the worlds,
where nature contrasted and always bold,
you are able to see the true life,
that emerges straight from the source.


  1. Beautifully put ... and you find the best music and videos to illustrate what you write ;>)

    1. Thank you so much, I try really hard to do that. I appreciate your comments as always.


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