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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Tiny Mouse

I want to share a small story with you of some events I have been having lately.  I have been dealing with a lot of sickness not only with people around me but personally as well.  Trying to understand or make sense of these events have been a bit mind spinning to say the least.  But,  the one part of me that I feel is the strongest is the part of me that is connected to nature and tuning into her messages that she lovingly gives to me.  

I am the type of person who honestly believes everything in nature has energy, a spirit in a sense. I also believe we are all connected to this energy.  Since a very young child my connection to nature has only increased to a level that I believe nature is part of my family.  It is a place I receive my energy and my strength from in order to face things that are very hard in life. There are so many different ways we communicate with nature, often it feels like it is telepathically but also through little symbolic jesters.  That is where "The Tiny Mouse" comes in.

The other day I had to stop at a grocery store to pick up a couple things.  As I was walking by a SUV that pulled up in a parking place close to mine; I looked down on the ground and seen something really odd.  I seen this black spot that was about the size of a silver dollar but it was moving!!  I got down closer to see what it was and at first I couldn't make it out. I sat there in awe watching this tiny spot move its tiny arms!! Once I noticed the tail, I knew without a doubt it was a baby mouse! Okay, first I have to admit, I am NOT a mouse fan-Mickey Mouse yes but real mice, NO!! 

This beautiful little creature was just there (I think cleaning itself) so I went into the store but could not get that little cutie off of my mind.  I quickly grabbed what I needed from the store and hurried back to my car.  That little mouse was still in the same exact spot AND the lady in the SUV was getting back to her car at the same.  Meanwhile I asked the guy gathering carts if he could help me move something.  Yes, he looked at me like I was a nut case, but he helped me regardless.  I had nothing to pick up this mouse with and it just so happened he had a paper and scooped up the little mouse.  The lady in the SUV was watching us, I guess she was wondering what in the hell we were doing by her vehicle. So I told her and her response was, "WHAT! A mouse grows into a rat, YUCK! But my thoughts were it was so cute and even something that tiny had the right to live.  

Meanwhile the guy with the mouse in the paper asked me, "What do I do with it now?"  I told him we could put it in a grassy area close to the parking lot, and that way the mouse would have a chance to live. Regardless, this event made my heart feel good.  I have been away for a couple of days and have not had a chance to look up mouse medicine until this morning. But when I did, it was like a 2x4 hitting me in the head.

Mouse Medicine-According to Ted Andrews:  Mouse medicine brings a lot of questions to our attention that we need to be asking ourselves.  Are you getting lost in big dreams and neglecting your life in front of you? Are you so focused on current activities that you may not be seeing other opportunities opening up in front of you? Are you missing what is right in front of you? Mouse medicine teaches us how to focus and pay attention to the details in our lives.  It can show you how to make small choices that can help you to build your bigger goal. In short, mouse medicine is all about paying attention to what is around you.

The tiny mouse showing up on my path was a message that I needed very bad and still do.  The objective of sharing this is when you pay attention to all of the tiny messages in life, you can learn a lot!!

I have written a few different pages about Animal Totems: 

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  1. This story was wonderful and really spoke to my heart. Very touching and I am in agreement 100 percent..nature for me is a comfort, and being in the midst of it feels almost like an embrace. Wonderful, thank you for sharing it :)

    1. Thank you Dawn. Yeah, this is a pretty special writing to me for so many reasons. But receiving Natures message through this tiny little creature was amazing

  2. "What lies behind us... and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters... compared to what lies within us!" Ralph Waldo Emerson
    The first time I ever saw that written,those words indelibly imprinted and resonated in the deepest part of my soul... and they always scroll across my vision in good times, bad times and moments like when that 2X4 smacks you across the forehead! This story of the tiny mouse causes those words to resonate again, for what lies within you, Eva... is the innate vision and values inherent from Mother Nature herself! Moments like the tiny mouse gift us with those harmonious feelings of heart and mind recognition that, as Dawn implies beautifully above, "being in the midst of it... feels almost like an embrace!" Even the tiniest forms of life hold for us...Something of Value! Nature always proves the old adage, "The Devil is in the details!" ... mostly at times we can't see the forest for the trees! ;>)

  3. As always, thank you for words of wisdom, I appreciate them.

  4. I have to add this field mouse story Eva from Sunday evening to your tiny mouse~ As I was loading tools from the garden area down by the pond, I grabbed a roll of baling twine from the ground and set it in the back of the truck. Immediately a field mouse stuck her head out of the hole in the middle to the roll. Wide eyed and perturbed, she jumped from the roll onto the truck bed with a crew of 5 babies attached like on a ski rope and bouncing along behind her. She scurried around the truck bed frantically looking for refuge and those babies were just bouncing along behind her under no power of their own other than hanging on. I just closed the tailgate and spoke to her that I meant no harm and was leaving her with the roll of baling twine to crawl back into. I wish I could've snapped a shot of it, but didn't have my camera

    1. That had to be blessing to see. I can just imagine what it was like to see those tiny babies holding on to their mama's tail. I agree that would have made a wonderful picture. When my husband and I, homesteaded one morning while outside drinking some coffee we seen a possum walk across our yard carrying her babies with her. That was just one of many beautiful things we seen. Thank you for sharing your mouse story


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