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"Life is filled with magick, if we allow our eyes to see it"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Connecting with Nature-Part Two

One day I was driving down the road and was in a horrible emotional state.  I pulled off into a Walmart shopping center parked and cried.   I turned my head to look out of my side window, and a crow feather was floating down right beside my car.  I actually sat there in  shock for a moment, I opened my car door and grabbed the feather and sat there holding it.  When I got home I went straight to Ted Andrews book and looked up Crow Medicine:  It says where their is crow, there is magic.  Crows are symbols of creations and spiritual strength.  They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life.  They are also messengers calling to us about the creations and magic that is alive within our world everyday and is available to us.

For a while during the time the crow feather experience, I was losing touch with many things that was in my heart and a part of my soul.  If you try to cute off your connection with Nature, it leaves you with a huge emptiness that is truly unbearable.  All of the years that it took me to learn nature's language, then trying to run away from it really threw me for a loop. Never again, will I allow that to happen, NEVER!

Often when we need insight on a certain situation, we can go outside and send out a prayer or affirmation.  Since Hawk also has visionary medicine, if we hold a Hawk feather and speak our affirmation out loud, Hawk will help us.  It may not happen right in that moment, but rest assure you will get a reply by message, signs, visions and even dreams.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that connecting with nature is easy, but it isn't.  It takes a while to learn how and mainly depends on how much you can truly trust your intuition.  When you learn to fully 100% trust your intuition often that will mean going against the "Norm".  I have personally had people turn against me and accused me of being something I am not. Do you know why?  Because many people fear what they do not understand.  When I feel at my weakness, if I go outside and touch a tree, it helps me to gain strength.  Often when I need to purge and get a lot off of my energy, I will lay on the ground and ask Gaia to take it from me.  I believe and trust enough in Nature to know if I need help she will help me.

That does not mean you should not give back to Nature.  In today's world so many people do not show any respect for what is happen to our environment.  Trees are cut down by the thousands every day.  When you visit Elders you are always suppose to take a gift with you, usually everyone will bring sacred tobacco.  That is no different than sitting against a tree or touching a tree to ground and make a connection.  You can pour a glass of water at the base of the tree and the trees will be grateful for that, because you are showing them respect and honor.  It is the same with the earth, if you laid on her soil to purge, leaving some sacred tobacco is a symbol of respect and honor.

The connection we make with Nature is truly a very individual thing.  It is like what we believe and consider our spiritual path, it is something that belongs to each of us regardless of what others think. If there was a recipe for connecting with Nature, it would be respect, honor and believe.  When I say "Life is filled with magic, if we allow our eyes to see it"  I mean ever word of it.  The animals, insects, flowers, trees, mountains-everything has magic.  All it takes is allowing yourself to see it, feel it, breathe it in and understand we are all connected.

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  1. After reading part two here and watching this great little video, I still had about 45 minutes of daylight left and I decided to walk down to the spring fed pond below our house thinking I may see deer and the geese leaving the pond,etc. With the half-moon over my shoulder just above the treeline... I walked through the archway formed by the fir trees that opens into the lower pasture where I usually see the deer but saw none tonight. When I got to the pond and was about to leave, I saw the telltale V in the water from a beaver and it was coming directly toward me.... to be continued

    1. That sounded like a wonderful thing to do. It also sounds like a beautiful place you should consider photographing. Seeing the beaver is diffidently an animal who brings interesting things to our attention. The key note of the beaver is Building of Dreams (according to one of my trusted books) Beaver comes with questions you need to be asking yourself: Have you been neglecting your most basic dreams? Are you or others around you becoming lost in their dreaming and never acting upon them? Beaver reminds us that we need to act on our dreams to make them a reality. Beaver can teach you how to construct your dreams.

      Many years ago, I attended this weekend ceremony called "Green Woman" it was a very powerful weekend all the way around. But as always towards the end of the weekend, I left with my head spinning of different things I wanted to do, but in the whirlwind I became lost in my thoughts. As I was driving down 441 (early morning) A beaver walked out into the road in front of me. Here I am on 441 stopped in the road waiting for this beaver to get to the other side. (1) it amazed me seeing beaver that morning especially on 441 and (2) with my thoughts whirling around so fast, I had to slow them down to try and figure out what I needed to do-to accomplish things that I felt needed accomplished. So the next time you see beaver just pay close attention-he will help.


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