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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Smudging-Cleansing your Space

Smudging and Cleansing your Space

First and foremost, what is smudging?  It is when you burn certain herbs and wave the smoke around you and your home.  The purpose of doing this is to cleanse your space and yourself of negative energies and invite good spirits in.

I have been doing this for a very long time and as with anything, I am sure things have changed and new ways of smudging is out there.  I am also sure there are new herbs to use and most likely a brand new way of doing it.  But since I am old school, I am going to share the herbs I burn and the way I do it.

Smudging is often referred to as a simple ritual which is used a lot to prepare for inner work and cleansing your energy, others energy and your surrounding area. There is a wide range of different herbs you can use.  I personally use: White Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Cedar and Sweet-grass. I am going to break these herbs down and write a simple explanation for what each one does.  Often you can purchase smudge sticks which have a mixture of herbs, you can purchase loose herbs and burn in a fire proof earthen pot, you can also use charcoal brinks to sprinkle some of the herbs on and spiritually bathe in the smoke.  I have also used an abalone shell for years. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT light your smudge with a wooden match representing fire because it was naturally given to us from Spirit.  Be sure that whatever container you use to burn your herbs it is fire proof. 

To smudge you place the herbs in the container or light your smudging stick and set it in the earthen fire proof container.  Cup your hands the way you do when you are washing your face and gather the smoke and wash it over you as if you were bathing.  You can also use a smudging feather, I have done both.  If I am in a group I will use the smudging feather.  If I am alone, I spiritually bathe in the smoke. As you are waving the smoke around you, you are spiritually washing the negative energies away.

To smudge or cleanse your space, you light some herbs in an earthen container and walk around each room so you and the smoke are actually pushing the old/negative energy out of the door. Often to do a deep cleanse, you would open the drawers and the close and smudge every area again, pushing the energy of the door. Often you would follow and do another smudging with sweet-grass and/or a lavender and rosemary mixture.  This is purifying your space and inviting sweet good energy in.

There have been many times when I do a deep smudging, I will verbally say an affirmation out loud.  Calling on my spirit guides, angels, protectors and the Divine to help me cleanse my home of all negativity.  Each person that begins to smudge will use their own methods.  When you feel comfortable enough you will add extra affirmations, cleanse your space the way that feels right for you and you will eventually create your own special smudging blend. Smudging like everything on your spiritual path, is private and individually done. It is a sacred moment between you and the Divine.

Here are some of my favorite Smudging herbs:

Lavender- Protection, purification, cleansing, relaxing and love
Rosemary- Protection, purification, sleep, love
White Sage-purification, cleansing 
Sweet-grass- Invites sweet energy into your home
Cedar Tips- Healing, purification, protection

I have an online store called:  WhiteOak Art Designs and Herbs

I am going to list some things from Amazon, or you very well may have these things on hand.  I also like burning a white and black candle together, it helps with balancing the energy in your home. 

I was told once long time ago:  When you think of smudging, see it as the sage being the warrior driving all of the bad energy away and Sweet-grass being the who invites all of the good energy in.

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  1. I am so glad you mentioned about the wooden match being used..a really good point..thanks for the awesome article!!

    1. Yeah, that is a biggie. Lighters and such are fake, not real and a part of the earth, but wooden matches come from trees.

  2. Thank you for including every step and the benefits of different herbs. I've been interested in smudging our home - appreciate the clear instructions (including the wooden match, which I hadn't seen in other articles).

    1. Thank you so much for visiting Jennifer. Smudging is something that I highly recommend. You do not hear about the matches that often, but I was taught that a long time ago. Blessings to you my friend.

  3. Add my thanks to these others for this really clear information Eva! I've always been drawn to the logic of herbal medicine as well as the cultural, cooking and health benefits of herbs. The spiritual significance is just as fascinating and makes perfect scents ;)

    1. Thank you so much for visiting. I love learning new things. When you study herbs and the many different ways they are used, it is like an open book of knowledge that feeds your desire to keep learning all of the time. I would love to be able to go into nature and learn all of the wild herbs and plants that are useful. I only know a few but afraid I have a very long way to go. When I was studying herbs everyday, I was a lot more connected to their energy and of course studying Susun Weeds books. She has a way to make you connect with herbs and their energy on a whole level. As always thank you for visiting and commenting, I greatly appreciate it.


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